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jake la

Joined: 28/09/21

Comments by jake la
Crude Oil WTI Feb 07, 2022 1:10PM ET
yeah they spam and suddenly when it s red they disapear it s like magic... btw that 1 day trend line works like magic... macron started meeting with putin let s c how he goes out ..
Crude Oil WTI Feb 07, 2022 12:48PM ET
chuck the d ouche
Crude Oil WTI Feb 07, 2022 12:48PM ET
anyone see check or mou ... suddenly they disapear ....
Crude Oil WTI Feb 07, 2022 5:51AM ET
i also agree with u about this shouldnt touch above 92.7 unless we get a double top..
Crude Oil WTI Feb 07, 2022 5:50AM ET
in short term it can stay above the EMA 50 on daily unless big news on iran... but as long as shennengans of Vitol , GS and saudia arabia raising prices every couple of month the retractment will be followed by a big step up... i reckon today we will touch 92.5- 93.20 , today look very much like 26 th of cotober.
Crude Oil WTI Feb 07, 2022 4:58AM ET
82-85 is the buttom if russia tension stays , if iran deal and russia ukraine get solved a huge correction will happen
Crude Oil WTI Feb 07, 2022 4:45AM ET
where is that bas tard chuck no now? and that d ouche bag mou
Crude Oil WTI Feb 07, 2022 3:00AM ET
check the 1 day trend line everytime it touch it corrects, friday ressemble like 25 october
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 8:59PM ET
friday was similar of 25 october when it touched the day trend line and today will be similar to 26 october and stay range bound until the drop on tuesday wednesday...
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 8:30PM ET
chuck no is garbage like seriously... he is useless spamming silly ******all day
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 8:25PM ET
ETF holders
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 8:24PM ET
target price is 88.5 in the next 3 sessions.
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 8:23PM ET
15 s 93.15 / 10 s 90.12 averaged me @91.95 covered 19 of them around 92.03.. 19 x 8= 152/ so lost 25 pips on the remaining 6 S so new average was 91.70 as mentioned prior to session , covered half *******risk management comment.. and now holding 3 s 91.70 with sell order 10 s 93.40
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 8:14PM ET
3 S 91.70 is all i have left , i averaged up at 93.15
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 7:58PM ET
look at that 1 hour chart with moving average chanel... if that s not clear enough i dunno what is... going down babyy
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 7:18PM ET
yes if macron statement is very easing , it can... The geopolitical risk narrative is priced in so much right now...any easing will down it fast
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 7:17PM ET
yes tuesday might see 87-88
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 7:07PM ET
it s a very dangerous week to hold oil above 90, if russia ukraine tension ease and inflation comes hot leading to multiple raise interest and some more iran news... THE FORCE HAS SHIFTED...
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 7:02PM ET
we touche the top of the triangle on the daily , for three times on every touch there was a retractment , tomorrow Macron in russia will give positive news and his statement that russia have reason gave a nice exit to putin, i spend the whole week end  listening to russian experts and mostly agreed that EU doesnt want to corner putin and force him to invade, they can t give him all his demands , but what they can give him should be wrapped in a nice gift box for his domestic audiance and help him save face with minor concessions including us commiting less training in eastern europe and removing some of the missiles. Also coinciding with the storm in us getting better and we might see a nice inventory build to down the price , with ice on the roads , and thousands of flights cancelled around 5000 on thursday and 3500 on wednesday, ... we should test 90 today or tomorrow
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 6:26PM ET
volume is quite nice that first 15 min red candle was like 11 k
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 6:25PM ET
91.50 need to break  come on...
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 6:23PM ET
cover 3 S @91.55 FROM 91.70 , still holding 3 S 91.70 .. RISK management... it s sitting on the ********support line...
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 6:18PM ET
well i guess we are going down
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 5:04PM ET
i have 6 S average 91.70 , it touched the upper line on daily so we might see a retractment before it shoots up... if my calculations is correct we should see a small retractment to 85 then shoot up to 100 when winter olympics is over and russia bella russian exercise starts. Or go down very low if iran deal and russian tension ease... i spent all weekend listening to talk of russian experts think tanks, it s the first time us can target the real oligarchs where putin hold most of his money, i even feel the us want putin to attack that s how hard they gonna go on him. Macron will be in moscow monday and tuesday in ukraine, Lavrov said the latest reply from US makes sense, reducing excersises in eastern europe and removing some of the missiles from europe, so basicly an attack this week is very very unlikely... Two news went under the radar really that chevron and exxon are planning more then 20 billion $ each for drilling in 2022 so under investment kind of argument can be revisited.Also under the radar the unemployment protest in india where there was a job offering and there was 10 million applicants and 36000 jobs, along with inflation can cause stagflation, another peace also about Coal Lng and crude prices hurting demand so what was thought to be growth in demand coming from india can turn around .
Crude Oil WTI Feb 06, 2022 2:31PM ET
what s ur analysis bro for monday tuesday