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Pankaj Ahuja

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U.S. lawmakers criticize Biden administration Puerto Rico fuel waiver Oct 23, 2022 1:01AM ET
Many brave American soldiers will be killed after Joe Biden s decision to send them to Ukraine border.Just to win elections he is about the sacrifice the lives of his own people.No matter whosoever wins but millions will die for sure.World knows that it's United States behind RUSSIA and Ukraine war.
EU to give 18 billion euros to Kyiv next year to help run Ukraine Oct 21, 2022 11:08AM ET
Europe will suffer and millions will die this winter as without using their own brains they have become PUPPETS of America.America will remain world power but Europe will be finished forever.America has been fooling European countries pretending to be their friend but never forget never rely on America.Read History for more knowledge.America never wants Peace in the world ,thats the reason behind all the fights in the world and America is involved everywhere.😡😡😡
U.S. sells oil reserves as Biden tackles pump prices ahead of elections Oct 20, 2022 3:52AM ET
Joe Biden has gone crazy will make America suffer for long with his stupid decisions
Oil Tumbles as Biden Hits Back at OPEC+ with Planned Sale of More Reserves  Oct 18, 2022 12:31PM ET
Russia's war on Ukraine latest news: U.S. said to prod Kyiv on talks Oct 10, 2022 11:31AM ET
How about Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks?
Russia's war on Ukraine latest news: U.S. said to prod Kyiv on talks Oct 10, 2022 10:03AM ET
Biden wasting American Taxpayers money like hell.Now will levy heavy taxes on his own people and then will be a civil war in United States
Russia's war on Ukraine latest news: U.S. said to prod Kyiv on talks Oct 10, 2022 9:58AM ET
Americans have already destroyed Ukraine and now Taiwan and South Korea will be next battlegrounds.Wow United States, excellent strategy to make your enemies fight by supplying weapons .
Russia launches biggest air strikes since start of Ukraine war Oct 10, 2022 4:02AM ET
United States is not reliable so stay away from them.Next country after Ukraine will be Taiwan and Pakistan
Russia launches biggest air strikes since start of Ukraine war Oct 10, 2022 3:55AM ET
Excellent news.Never underestimate Old 🦁 Lion
U.S. says it will continue offering security assistance to Ukraine Oct 09, 2022 11:18AM ET
Joe Biden will make each and every American suffer.He is using US taxpayers money like water as if taking revenge of something from all the Americans.Millions will die but he won't.Which American President was punished at the time of Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack?Why blame Russia then.Read history about the Nato deal,just for its own benefit millions will suffer
GHCL Aug 05, 2022 2:37AM ET
Operator game in this stock,will definitely cross 675 this month
GHCL Aug 01, 2022 4:26AM ET
Will cross 680-700 this week
Wall St ends up but still down on week as volatility rules Jun 16, 2022 11:26AM ET
Biden is responsible for everything.People all over the world have already started cursing Joe biden.Instead of thinking benefit of all the Americans,he is more interested in seeing Russia Ukraine fight and also fuelling this war where innocent people are dying daily😡😡😡
European Gas Prices Rise Again as Gazprom Cuts Supply to Italy, Germany Jun 16, 2022 4:16AM ET
Until and unless all the countries stop listening to Joe biden,they will keep suffering more and more
S&P 500 Stutters as Surging Treasury Yields Point to Hawkish Fed Jun 14, 2022 2:54PM ET
Bidens wrong decisions has thrown economy into deep s**t
Dow Jones Jun 13, 2022 4:12PM ET
United States is not fooling Zelensky actually its Zelensky fooling Nato specially Biden{{e:f09f9885}}{{e:f09f9885}}{{e:f09f9885}}
Tens of thousands rally against gun violence in Washington, across U.S Jun 12, 2022 1:38PM ET
Really sad to see innocent lives dying like this but happy to see the condition of United States who are always one step ahead to boost GUN culture.United States is the main culprit behind all the wars in the world.God is always watching and now has cursed America.Has anyone noticed how many such incidents have happened in the United States after Russia Ukraine war?
Tesla cut from S&P 500 ESG Index, and Elon Musk tweets his fury May 18, 2022 3:29PM ET
Great News👏👏👏
Exclusive-U.S. calls for 'concrete action' from China to meet Phase 1 purchase commitments Feb 07, 2022 11:31AM ET
Now China has started to Blackmail US.This has been their regular strategy towards the other countries.This time its US