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London Bridge

Joined: 25/05/21

Comments by London Bridge
Lordstown Motors Jul 30, 2021 4:44AM ET
Bought strike $7 expiry 6AUG @ 0.14 It's more gambling than trading related but let's see {{e:f09f9882}}
SoFi Technologies Jul 27, 2021 6:45AM ET
Not yet IMO
Mp Materials Jul 27, 2021 5:30AM ET
Don't ask me why buy count me in !!
Boston Beer Jul 26, 2021 9:18PM ET
Was expecting bigger drop 650/600 range, looking for call options but look like stronger than what I was thinking !!
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 26, 2021 1:49AM ET
Let's see Long 2185, SL 2180, TP 2190 I think if it fill it's 75% lossing trade 15% winning trade, If not filled in 1 hour I'm out.
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 22, 2021 1:27AM ET
Uranium and Energy sector was helping the RTY rising yesterday CCJ UUUU DNN CLNE etc etc If AMC GME WISH etc wake up today RTY must continue rising !! Just my opinion take it or leave it good luck
Small Cap 2000 Jul 20, 2021 8:24PM ET
Relax brother, look like the hit was hard on your head !!
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 19, 2021 9:31PM ET
97% of the ladies and gentlemens here are not future traders, I know who is a real future trader from reading the comments, learn what is future and how to trade it before saying something..Good luck in your equity trading.
Crude Oil WTI Jul 18, 2021 8:13PM ET
Good for now, by market opining back to $73 If market was strong. Good luck to all
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 18, 2021 6:19PM ET
Nice one 👌🏼
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 18, 2021 6:17PM ET
Long @2148, SL 2140, TP 2162 Yep down trent I know, not gambling but trend switching soon must near this area, see you tomorrow
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 16, 2021 7:34AM ET
Going against something clear well burn someone, relax they will cover soon.
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 15, 2021 8:25PM ET
Long again @2182 SL 2160 TP 1 2202 TP 2 2212 Good luck to all
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 15, 2021 12:59PM ET
Update: still in the position so far so good exit 40% at 2200 60% remaining SL moved up to 2175
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 14, 2021 9:21PM ET
Just went Long 2191 SL 2169 TP at closing tomorrow or @2225 see you soon even if it go against me !!
Russell 2000 Futures Jul 13, 2021 4:52PM ET
Tomorrow up again, Good night
Energy Fuels Inc Jul 13, 2021 3:54AM ET
If you're investor this is the one to go, REE not only Uranium biggest in USA,count me in.
Dow Futures 475 Pts Lower; Initial Jobless Claims Add to Growth Worries Jul 08, 2021 7:18AM ET
Jobless will fix that OR take it further let's wait
SoFi Technologies Jul 05, 2021 11:36PM ET
I'm waiting to buy, any price now good for investors, I'll give it two weeks from today hope they'll finish selling.. My plan to hold it for a long time good luck to all.
Dogecoin Jun 21, 2021 8:34PM ET
Game Over, This is not a joke now !
Bitcoin Jun 03, 2021 1:27AM ET
wake up baby
AMC Entertainment Jun 02, 2021 5:27PM ET
Are you using CFD ? If direct access broker, change them or just call them for last warning ⚠️
Bitcoin Jun 01, 2021 10:17PM ET
Bitcoin Jun 01, 2021 10:16PM ET
40k Before US opening, Mark my word I will be here
Russell 2000 Futures Jun 01, 2021 9:04PM ET
Go with the wave