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mustafa vickery

Joined: 11/05/21

Comments by mustafa vickery
S&P 500 Mar 16, 2023 3:16PM ET
tomorrow will be a 5 % down day
S&P 500 Mar 16, 2023 2:51PM ET
They know this is not good for inflation. keep the printer working and deal with higher inflation for longer. cant have it both ways.
Tesla Mar 02, 2023 9:13AM ET
do not buy at 180. wait for 100
Tesla Feb 16, 2023 3:59PM ET
wait till bellow 100 where it will be heading.
Tesla Feb 15, 2023 10:50PM ET
lol. Are you fuking kidding? A month ago, analysts were talking about TESLA going bankrupt. 700 a share would put its value higher than apple and all car manufacturers in the entire world. not possible.
Tesla Feb 09, 2023 8:20PM ET
the float on this is over 3 billion shares with a huge letter B. The short interest is very low on this. It will never squeeze. It is just FOMO and ignorant institutions like ARK buying this.
Tesla Feb 09, 2023 6:12PM ET
who are you kidding? the short interest on this is very low, about 3% of the float.
Tesla Feb 09, 2023 12:36PM ET
Hhhh. Tomorrow will be red.
Tesla Feb 09, 2023 12:24PM ET
Or 300
Tesla Feb 09, 2023 12:04PM ET
There is virtually no shorts on this stock. It's momentum. Onces it fades, down we go.
Tesla Feb 09, 2023 11:12AM ET
what short squeeze are you talking about. only 3% of the float is shorted. It is driven by FOMO and stupid traders thinking that they can make it big on this junk.
Tesla Feb 09, 2023 11:10AM ET
yeah right. Overpriced and overvalued. 40$ a share is fair value. I will never invest in this junk at this price. You will definitely see it below 100 once the momentum fades.
Bed Bath & Beyond Feb 08, 2023 10:29AM ET
yeah. bankruptcy and stock going to 0.
Bed Bath & Beyond Feb 08, 2023 10:27AM ET
what are you talking about? this one is toast.
Bed Bath & Beyond Feb 07, 2023 10:14AM ET
this is just a reaction to the news. the dilution hasnt hit yet.
Bed Bath & Beyond Feb 07, 2023 10:06AM ET
you will loose most of it.
Bed Bath & Beyond Feb 06, 2023 6:35PM ET
you called it earlier. good job.
Bed Bath & Beyond Feb 06, 2023 5:29PM ET
wow. pump and dump. back to below 3 and beyound.
Apple Feb 03, 2023 11:37AM ET
Pure manipulation. Misses on earnings yet up. This stock is already expensive. This the darling of the us economy. If it falters, the whole economy will be in shambles.
Tesla Feb 02, 2023 5:12PM ET
dream on bro. it only means dark days for the auto makers sector as a whole including TESLA. your TESLA will drop below 100 sometimes this year.
Meta Platforms Feb 02, 2023 11:10AM ET
eventually, it will go bankrupt just like my space.
S&P 500 Futures Feb 02, 2023 10:22AM ET
we have not hit botom. just sit and wait, you will see 3400 this year. mark my word.
Meta Platforms Feb 02, 2023 10:12AM ET
roger that. they hype the stock when they wanted it to go upthen rug pull.
S&P 500 Futures Feb 02, 2023 9:13AM ET
markets are too optimistic. rug pull is coming.
S&P 500 Futures Feb 02, 2023 9:10AM ET
dream on bro. how is that possible of we are heading to a recession.