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Zaheer Ud Din

Joined: 30/04/21

Comments by Zaheer Ud Din
NZD/USD Aug 05, 2021 9:46AM ET
yess it seem today it will close at 70200 yess it seem today it will close at 70200
NZD/USD Aug 05, 2021 9:13AM ET
look at dxy and then see ehat NFP will make him bro trust your own analyses broo just wait and watch..
NZD/USD Aug 05, 2021 8:35AM ET
here we go hold till tp 2 69300
NZD/USD Aug 05, 2021 7:37AM ET
NZD/USD Aug 05, 2021 7:19AM ET
bro i have sell position Here??
NZD/USD Aug 05, 2021 4:14AM ET
bro just wait and Watch broo
NZD/USD Aug 05, 2021 3:16AM ET
bro it seems it will go down once agains
GBP/USD Aug 05, 2021 2:37AM ET
and i think here we will see a big rejection wait till market opensss then will fly...
GBP/USD Aug 05, 2021 2:36AM ET
bro i didnt fallow anyone bro i just put trade because i see the strong supporat at 800
GBP/USD Aug 05, 2021 2:32AM ET
i have buy position at 1.39000
GBP/USD Aug 04, 2021 3:10PM ET
bro i have buy position at 1.39000 sl 1.38700
GBP/USD Aug 04, 2021 3:08PM ET
bro i have buy position at 1.39000 tp 300 sl 700
GBP/USD Aug 04, 2021 3:05PM ET
I think.its last dip now it move towardsss 1.39300
GBP/USD Aug 04, 2021 2:17PM ET
it should fly to 1.3930
NZD/CHF Aug 04, 2021 11:51AM ET
seems it will move up
XAU/USD Aug 04, 2021 9:31AM ET
anyone sold gbpcad??
GBP/CAD Aug 04, 2021 9:31AM ET
anyone sell???
GBP/CAD Aug 04, 2021 9:29AM ET
why whyy this go up??
GBP/CAD Aug 04, 2021 8:46AM ET
why the ***** is stucksss it should be down????
GBP/CAD Aug 04, 2021 8:33AM ET
cad news positive why it move up???
GBP/CAD Aug 04, 2021 8:28AM ET
it should fall to 74300
NZD/CAD Aug 04, 2021 7:14AM ET
it should need To fall....
NZD/CAD Aug 04, 2021 6:29AM ET
sell entry 8850 sl 8880 tp 88200
NZD/CAD Aug 04, 2021 6:24AM ET
my Sl 800 and Ypur
NZD/CAD Aug 04, 2021 6:15AM ET
anyone In Sell???