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Tommy guun

Joined: 03/04/21

Comments by Tommy guun
Ethereum Sep 21, 2021 1:38PM ET
everything will go up in 2-3 days, the main correction was already done. prepare for big upside...👍good luck 2 all optimistic people here{{e:f09f9881}}
Ethereum Sep 20, 2021 3:02PM ET
its just getting fuel to lift of to round 10k by new year.
Ethereum Sep 20, 2021 4:10AM ET
dont agree. think this is a very good time to buy.👍
Ethereum Sep 19, 2021 9:01AM ET
expect big jump in a few days.☝️👍
Ethereum Sep 18, 2021 2:24AM ET
big up move expected for this week.🕰🚀 it is all ready. keep buying.gl2ua
Ethereum Sep 15, 2021 11:31AM ET
up, up, up...and don t stop.👍
Ethereum Sep 14, 2021 2:48PM ET
yeah, big up, or not. i will. gl2ua
Ethereum Sep 13, 2021 12:00PM ET
i am buying eth and ada....good luck.👍
Ethereum Sep 12, 2021 10:04AM ET
eth is the only one who have currently realy chance to overtake btc in lets say 1 to 2 years.where is yfi ranked currently? i didnt find it....
Ethereum Sep 12, 2021 9:05AM ET
if it can hold above 3250 for a couple of days, i axpect big uptrend comming....gl2ua
Ethereum Sep 11, 2021 12:41PM ET
i think its good time to buy.soon it will be new ath reached at 5800
Ethereum Sep 11, 2021 7:40AM ET
it will go
Ethereum Sep 06, 2021 4:11PM ET
over 4k tomorrow. 5k in 2 weeks.
Ethereum Sep 04, 2021 7:25AM ET
5k next week.{{e:f09f9881}}👍
Ethereum Sep 03, 2021 12:23AM ET
yes, thats the spirit...and 5k next week. 👍
Ethereum Sep 02, 2021 2:45AM ET
eth just warming up....
Ethereum Sep 02, 2021 1:32AM ET
just buy at the dips and hold. in 2022 it will be over 10k.gl2ua
Ethereum Aug 31, 2021 4:47AM ET
big demand, shrinking supply....10k by new year. in 2 years overpass no.1.☝️👍
Ethereum Aug 30, 2021 12:11AM ET
buy, buy, buy...
Ethereum Aug 29, 2021 9:36AM ET
big break through up in comming days...get ready. gl2ua
Ethereum Aug 29, 2021 1:41AM ET
its holding still at around 3k for a while now, i think its just a matter of few days. ...BIG UP comminggl2ua
Ethereum Aug 29, 2021 1:36AM ET
big up is preparing...eth 5k in 2 weeksada 4 in 2 weeks
Ethereum Aug 28, 2021 1:59AM ET
it will be over 4k in 2weeks.👍.☝️
Cardano Aug 27, 2021 3:05AM ET
over 4 usd in 2 weeks 👍
Ethereum Aug 27, 2021 3:05AM ET
over 5k in 1 month 👍