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Darko Lukic

Joined: 26/02/21

Comments by Darko Lukic
Nasdaq Jan 20, 2022 3:15PM ET
tommorrow -2 party just has started
Teladoc Inc Jan 20, 2022 3:14PM ET
no cure for this stock
Alibaba ADR Jan 20, 2022 3:12PM ET
buy buy baba we go red at close
Teladoc Inc Jan 20, 2022 3:09PM ET
sell sell sell
Apple Jan 20, 2022 3:08PM ET
thats it
Tilray Jan 20, 2022 3:07PM ET
-3 at the end of the day. but that is great better then -5
Apple Jan 20, 2022 2:35PM ET
lets go red again
Teladoc Inc Jan 20, 2022 2:34PM ET
red within an hour
Tilray Jan 20, 2022 2:32PM ET
and in about 15 min…
Tilray Jan 20, 2022 1:09PM ET
red at the end of the day
Tilray Jan 20, 2022 9:32AM ET
after maybe 15 min in green we can expact what? minus 5
Tilray Jan 20, 2022 4:12AM ET
today 5
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 4:06PM ET
one think is for sure, this is a most predictable stock, you have -5% daily guaranteed
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 3:53PM ET
thats it!! what a great stock this is now to 4 by the end of the week
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 3:36PM ET
come on you can do it below 6
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 11:42AM ET
Wola!!! Today again, TLRY did not disapoint us. Minus 5% 👏👏👏
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 10:41AM ET
thats it, you can do it tlry everyday -5 straight to 0.82
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 10:30AM ET
dont disapoint us only 2.5 in red, come on 5 is your benchmark.
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 9:40AM ET
0.82 coming everyday -5% this is a comedy stock
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 4:41AM ET
for company is trash! fary tale over reality is here. going to below 1
Tilray Jan 19, 2022 4:35AM ET
great pre market! 0.82 coming
Teladoc Inc Jan 18, 2022 5:07PM ET
take money, run out and never look back at this stock with no future
Tilray Jan 18, 2022 4:31PM ET
0.82 coming
Tilray Jan 14, 2022 12:20PM ET
why? in a year from 60 plus to 6. nothing is impossible
Alibaba ADR Jan 14, 2022 12:17PM ET
back to 100