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Casador Del Oso

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Comments by Casador Del Oso
Dow, Nasdaq See Strong Recovery as Labor Market Improves May 13, 2021 4:24PM ET
Did you ever hear the song by the Rolling Stones "Lies, Lies, Lies"?
S&P 500 Slumps as Tech Bulls Scatter Amid Inflation Tsunami Worries May 12, 2021 4:35PM ET
SP500 2200 here we come!
Dow Climbs as April Jobs Scare Tames Taper Tantrum Jitters May 07, 2021 4:21PM ET
May I see your ID, please?
Inflationary Signs Are Everywhere In The Commodities Market Apr 30, 2021 2:58PM ET
Inflationary signs are everywhere for my family. Gasoline, groceries, restaurants, and online shopping. Thanks Joe for your out of control stimulus packages.
Investors doubt U.S. capital gains tax plan alone can derail market rally Apr 23, 2021 3:02PM ET
Sounds like a bunch of b.s.
Dow Jumps as Bulls Shrug Off Tax Hike Jitters, Swoop in on Financials, Tech Apr 23, 2021 3:00PM ET
Did Joe come to his senses and announce that he was no longer pursuing these economy wrecking tax increases?
Wall Street Opens Mixed on Partial Rebound from Tax Shock; Dow Down 50 Pts Apr 23, 2021 12:00PM ET
Tax the rich...with rich being defined as anyone above the poverty level.
U.S. manufacturing, new homes sales underscore booming economy Apr 23, 2021 11:59AM ET
Is exaggerating the same thing as lying?
Dow Slumps as Bulls Scatter on Reports of Biden Tax Hike Apr 22, 2021 4:33PM ET
I will be loading up on XOUT once the SP500 hits 2200.
Dow Falls as Biden Reportedly Mulls Tax Hike on Rich Apr 22, 2021 2:23PM ET
Wait for the tax on ICE automobiles to force folks into buying an EV. I will be loading up on XOUT once the SP500 hits 2200.
U.S. Labor Market Strengthens Again as Jobless Claims Hit New Post-Covid Low Apr 22, 2021 9:15AM ET
Yay, happy days are here again! Still over 500K claims, d'oh.
Bipartisan group of senators presses forward on U.S. policing reform talks Apr 21, 2021 4:38PM ET
Now they are trying to decriminalize crime. We're in big trouble now.
Dow Snaps 2-Day Losing Streak as Reopening Stocks Back in Demand Apr 21, 2021 4:29PM ET
What exactly is different from 2 days ago? NOTHING!
Dow Rallies as Traders Resume Bets on Reopening Despite Rising Global Cases Apr 21, 2021 2:38PM ET
The insanity continues...but, for how long?
Netflix, Las Vegas, Mortgages: 3 Things to Watch Apr 20, 2021 6:49PM ET
The end is near.
Jury Finds Derek Chauvin Guilty on All Charges Apr 20, 2021 5:50PM ET
A sad day for law abiding folks in America. Welcome to Joe's World.
Dow Extends Losses as Pandemic Jitters Return Apr 20, 2021 4:07PM ET
What about over the top valuations in the biggest stock market bubble ever jitters?
Dow Extends Losses as Pandemic Jitters Return Apr 20, 2021 4:06PM ET
What about business income tax increase jitters?
Dow Falls as Investors Hit Pause Ahead of Busy Earnings Week Apr 19, 2021 3:12PM ET
Hitting pause before hitting sell.
Russia, retaliating against Washington, asks 10 U.S. diplomats to leave Apr 16, 2021 6:47AM ET
Joe is a worse politician than Donald.
Chinese Growth, Housing Starts and Vaccine Booster Shots - What's up in Markets Apr 16, 2021 6:45AM ET
Coming soon...Booster shots every 90 days.
Wall Street Opens at Record Highs After Twin Boost From Economy; Dow up 220 Pts Apr 15, 2021 9:59AM ET
The bigger the party, the worse the hangover. The twin boost was priced in months ago. Look out below!