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evren firat

Joined: 01/01/21

Comments by evren firat
Natural Gas Oct 20, 2021 9:13AM ET
long 950
Natural Gas Oct 19, 2021 8:26AM ET
l agree
Natural Gas Oct 19, 2021 8:25AM ET
l will buy when comes to 4,770
Natural Gas Oct 18, 2021 7:33AM ET
thank you
Natural Gas Oct 18, 2021 7:28AM ET
hello is it buy or sell?thank you
Natural Gas Oct 16, 2021 5:53AM ET
if l know the answer could sell my house and buy or sell it{{e:f09f9883}}
Natural Gas Oct 08, 2021 6:13AM ET
l dont think we will ever see 6 again
Natural Gas Oct 06, 2021 3:01PM ET
l bought
Natural Gas Oct 06, 2021 2:48PM ET
it has to hold,it cant go any lower
Natural Gas Oct 06, 2021 2:36PM ET
buy now and go to bed.tomorow is green
Natural Gas Oct 06, 2021 1:43PM ET
l am long from here.that should be enough pull back
Natural Gas Oct 04, 2021 9:06AM ET
when l buy it falls down,when l sell then it flys up.all it does is hitting my stop lost.what is this about
Natural Gas Oct 03, 2021 4:30PM ET
is that pull back or down trend started,because l can see lover highs on 4h chart
Natural Gas Oct 01, 2021 4:20PM ET
l know l made good money .one day made from bullish than next day from bearish{{e:f09f9883}}
Natural Gas Oct 01, 2021 4:04PM ET
l am also wontering if ng is bullish or bearish?
Natural Gas Sep 25, 2021 1:42PM ET
hello,is ng bullish or bearish?shell l buy or sell.thank you
Natural Gas Sep 22, 2021 8:55AM ET
all stop losts are gone{{e:f09f9883}}
Natural Gas Sep 16, 2021 1:20PM ET
hello,is that pull back or bearish started?
Natural Gas Aug 19, 2021 2:45PM ET
it is just jumps on at sport nobody can guess which sports.other day jumped 100 pips for no reason and came back down quickly and now everybody expecting barish flyed.killed all stop losts
Natural Gas Aug 19, 2021 2:41PM ET
natural gas jumps up or comes down anytime,it is like gambling{{e:f09f9880}}
Natural Gas Jul 31, 2021 1:20PM ET
hello everyone l hope you all doing well.l have a question if anyone know can answer anyone does one minute chart trend line break out and does it work?thank you