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Brandon Wooton

Joined: 25/12/20

Comments by Brandon Wooton
S&P 500 Oct 19, 2021 2:18PM ET
i could have sworn i heard that markets are 'forward looking'
S&P 500 Futures Oct 14, 2021 3:07PM ET
what a ludicrous exuberance.
Nasdaq Oct 08, 2021 10:14AM ET
bonds have already figured out what qqq will shortly.
S&P 500 Oct 08, 2021 9:42AM ET
worst of both outcomes... fed still has to taper... and the economy still ****
S&P 500 Oct 08, 2021 9:41AM ET
10Y says "not so fast partner"
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 08, 2021 8:42AM ET
pressure is off the fed, 10Y yield is dropping, qqq is rate sensitive...
Nasdaq Oct 07, 2021 10:56AM ET
at some point someone is going to take a look at the 10Y.
S&P 500 Futures Sep 29, 2021 3:21PM ET
pretty good head and shoulders setting up right at that "just one more ATH" point of the "investor psychology chart"... fed cornered in a dept trap. Congress a mess. potus a house plant ... and a tyrant (when his handlers tell him to be). China debt/housing issues. world sick of us "world police" mentality. a lot more. elevated put IV seems legit.
S&P 500 Sep 29, 2021 2:43PM ET
debt ceiling issues got resolved for now
S&P 500 Sep 28, 2021 3:05PM ET
go fill that gap! 4400. red days are lame.
S&P 500 Sep 22, 2021 2:34PM ET
i don't quite understand today's market action... tapering is happening, everyone knows tapering is happening, everyone knows the only thing that got the market to this level was the absolutely insane levels of monetary injection.
S&P 500 Futures Sep 17, 2021 8:22AM ET
another pump before open? the desperation to keep this above the 50DMA wreaks.
Moderna says COVID-19 vaccine protection wanes, makes case for booster Sep 15, 2021 6:25PM ET
all for a virus 99.9% of humanity was destined to survive.
Global X Uranium Sep 14, 2021 3:03PM ET
ending the day red confirms yesterday's shooting star... algos aren't going to like that.
S&P 500 Futures Sep 14, 2021 8:49AM ET
cpi = 🤦‍♂️... how much longer can they keep the lie going?... answer, until we stop them.
Biden visits all three attack sites on 20th anniversary of 9/11 Sep 11, 2021 5:25PM ET
this article is biased and needs to be rewritten. stop with bashing.
U.S. has administered 379.4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, CDC says Sep 11, 2021 5:22PM ET
great, now stop with the drama. go back to the world ending in 135.3 months due to climate change or something.
S&P 500 Sep 10, 2021 12:03PM ET
remember folks, no need to hedge down side risk... stonks only go up. 👺
Nasdaq Sep 07, 2021 3:30PM ET
and how has that worked out, historically?
Nasdaq Sep 07, 2021 3:18PM ET
:) at some point everyone will start to look around... and realize it's not just the emperor who's naked.
S&P 500, world equity index retreat as economic worries weigh Sep 06, 2021 10:36PM ET
finally a title that represents the honest truth.
Day-Trading Army Goes All-In on NFTs as Meme-Stock Mania Ebbs Sep 02, 2021 3:24PM ET
i love the snide condescension that reeks off mainstream financial news regarding what young traders are up too. wallstreet, chicago, dc... all sooo addicted to free fed money that one day without even the POTENTIAL promise of it would cause fatal withdrawal... honestly, a little bit of humility in the face of your own humiliating peonage to a false god would be refreshing.
Weekly Comic: The Fed Prepares to Stop Digging Aug 31, 2021 1:58PM ET
... no he won't. it's end game for the usd.
S&P 500 Aug 26, 2021 11:34AM ET
i was assured there would be some dip buying.