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Wayne Gillispie

Joined: 23/12/20

Comments by Wayne Gillispie
Putin says Russia would accept conditional handover of cyber criminals to U.S. Jun 13, 2021 7:36AM ET
I doubt the US is going to turn over all of spies at the NSA. They enjoy spying on Americans too much to trade them in.
Electric-van startups race for a 'golden ticket' order Jun 04, 2021 9:12PM ET
150 miles is plenty for my HVAC service company. How about getting the manufacturig jobs back in the USA. Oh no, that might cut into the CEO’s $20M salary.
'Get a shot, have a beer': Biden, Anheuser-Busch push July vaccination goal Jun 02, 2021 9:06PM ET
These are great times! Men in positions of trust, power and authority are being called out publicly for their abuse, serial cheating, corruption and lies. There are consequences for your shenanighans boys.
Brazilians stage nationwide protests against President Bolsonaro's COVID response May 29, 2021 9:27PM ET
Mr. Bolsonaro, Ask Mr. Trump how that worked out for him?
U.S. Senate advances sweeping tech bill taking aim at China May 27, 2021 10:24PM ET
Don’t forget, we’re also way behind the power curve on solar, lithium batteries and inverters. You guys reaped the benefits of cheap labor, gave away manufacturing knowledge and equipment. Now we’re scrooed.
Exclusive-Biden looks abroad for electric vehicle metals, in blow to U.S. miners May 25, 2021 7:46PM ET
How many of my HVAC service and changeout jobs consist of parts maufactured in the USA??? 1%. Jeez we are srooed.
Exclusive-Biden looks abroad for electric vehicle metals, in blow to U.S. miners May 25, 2021 7:43PM ET
Have you tried to buy any solar panels, inverters or lithium iron phosphate batteries made in the USA?? $40K in junk made in Malaysia and China. Jeez...wish me luck.
Exclusive-Biden looks abroad for electric vehicle metals, in blow to U.S. miners May 25, 2021 7:40PM ET
Most men in positions of trust, power and authority in the USA are not committed to their own wife. I have not expected anything else from US leaders. They do sn excellent job of keeping their zippers lubricated.
More footage released, troopers to be punished in deadly arrest of a Black man in Louisiana May 22, 2021 1:51PM ET
Narcissist, egotistical abusers with slippery zippers. Finally these boys of no integrity or accountability are being called out publicly for their shenanighans.
Fed officials, new data, start lowering expectations for U.S. jobs in May May 22, 2021 8:20AM ET
The US CEO’s and govt leaders have outsourced 95% of manufacturing jobs to Asia and Mexico over the last 23+ years. We only need so many overpaid millionaire CEO’s, executives in suits and salespeople. We have enough in service and hospitality. Now we are reaping what our greedy country has sowed. See how those profits and stocks look when you can’t manufacture your own goods. When you have sold equipment to and trained someone else to make your goods 12,000 miles away. You really thought they would comply with patents and not reverse engineer your goods???
Home Sales, Deere, South Korea: 3 Things to Watch May 20, 2021 6:45PM ET
Buy some QCell Solar Panels from S. Korea or China. The USA manufactures about 5%.
California regulator adopts EV mandate for Uber, Lyft ride-hail fleets May 20, 2021 6:43PM ET
Its unrealistic since we manufacture very little of those components in the USA. Keep making Asia great again.
One million U.S. households sign up for broadband subsidy -FCC May 20, 2021 6:41PM ET
Maybe our multi millinaire CEO’s and execs should get to keep writing off their $7-20M bizjets with satellite phones, their 2nd and 3rd vacation homes, their parties with sidechicks, their luxury cars, while pulling in 300-500x their average worker.
Biden's EV Plans Push Plug Power, Peers, Higher May 18, 2021 3:37PM ET
Thank you CEO’s and Government leaders for outsourcing most of our factory (95% solar) jobs and production tooling/equipment to Asia over the last 25 years. Now we can buy most everything on AliExpress and Alibaba, and bypass you middlemen. You can lie and say it was to compete with Asian sourced goods, but we all know it was to line your own pockets/stock portfolios/multi million dollar annual benefits packages/private jets/side chics. The average American worker has never seen a decrease in cost of goods or more than a minor increase in pay.
The Big Shift To “Value Investing” May 17, 2021 7:58PM ET
Don’t leave out the HVAC Industry. Oh yeah, we’re up 15%.
Canada housing starts fall 19.8% on month in April - CMHC May 17, 2021 10:11AM ET
Great. Maybe we can afford a piece of lumber again.
EU, U.S. say they can partner to hold China to account on 'trade-distorting policies' May 17, 2021 10:09AM ET
US Corporations have taken advatage of cheap labor, lower quality goods for 25 years to increase profits, executive salaries and benefits. Now they’re upset that Americans can buy direct through AliExpress and Alibaba. Cut out the middleman and recieve the same quality of goods at 25-50% the cost.
U.S. trade chief: new legal tools needed to combat future China threats May 13, 2021 9:07PM ET
You can blame our USA CEO’s that trained, then sold equiment to and sourced cheaper labor from Asian countries. Now, with AliExpress and Alibaba, it has come back to *******them in the gweedy behind.
Alibaba Earnings Preview: Regulatory Risks In Focus Amid Growth Acceleration May 11, 2021 9:51AM ET
Finally, US consumers can purchase straight from Asia and cut out the middle men, saving 25-75% on most products. That is what is really irratating corporate America and investors. They have enjoyed fleecing Americans for the last 25 years of factory jobs and quality products. Times up.
GE shareholders reject CEO Culp's $230 million pay in rare rebuke May 04, 2021 1:01PM ET
You see folks what the priorities have been for the last 40+ years? CEO’s, Executives Salaries and Profits. Not employees. Not quality products. Even after these greedy guys have sold out US manufacturing, they are narcissistic enough to expect an undeserved pay raise.
Robust domestic demand lifts U.S. trade deficit to record high May 04, 2021 12:54PM ET
Exports are expected to pick up? Really. What do manufacture that isn’t made up from 90% outside sourced goods? They can get most of that cheaper elsewhere for the same low quality product.
Robust domestic demand lifts U.S. trade deficit to record high May 04, 2021 12:50PM ET
Now that we can go straight to the source online, why go through resellers in the USA selling the same low quality, throw away products that change models, names, owners every few years, making their warranties worthless.
Robust domestic demand lifts U.S. trade deficit to record high May 04, 2021 12:46PM ET
Let me simplify it for you. We here in the USA over the last 25 yrs have govt and corp leadership that have put profits ahead of quality, dependsble goods and the employees. They put stocks, multi million dollar salaries/multiple homes and bizjets ahead of the security of our nation. Now that we have made the bed boys, enjoy sleeping in it.
Supply chain bottlenecks amid roaring demand slow U.S. manufacturing May 03, 2021 1:49PM ET
This is what happens when US CEO’s and Government search for cheap labor to increase their profits, salaries and benefits. This is what happens when you ship your manufacturing equipment and tools, engineering design data and then train your enemy/competition to do your job. You reap what you sow boys. Enjoy.
U.S. Senate intelligence leaders say mystery illness attacks increasing Apr 30, 2021 7:14PM ET
The mystery illness attacking Rep is SZS aka Slippery Zipper Syndrome.