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Prashant Bahl

Joined: 26/11/20

Comments by Prashant Bahl
Boeing Nov 12, 2021 7:05AM ET
Today it is last opportunity for "wise" people to enter into BA, as it's going to take off right away from here. As suspected, there is going to be a lot of strength display at Dubai Airfare debuting 777x 10% less fuel efficiency aircraft and other military defense orders. But the biggest of all news is now coming from India from India are going to be crazy investing in Boeing due to history of man India’s Billionaire Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, referred to as the "Big Bull of India" and the "King of Bull Market". And this Akasa airline is going to be owned by him. He doesn’t put money when there is a risk of loss {{e:f09f9889}}
Boeing Nov 08, 2021 12:53PM ET
Very strong support at 222.5 levels, it tried testing it couple of times today which means- consolidation. Hold on and don't Panic ! It's Boeing- when it takes off, it just flies away and we know it from Friday rally. If it closes today at 223 or above , this is going to be a great news. Weekly closure then easily expected around 234 and then comes the week of Dubai Fare- new contracts in Defense & 777x debut.
Boeing Nov 05, 2021 3:13PM ET
So happy you exited, will wait to see your face when it will climb next week knowing US is re-opening ;-)
Boeing Nov 05, 2021 2:48PM ET
So buy more, have patience and smile watching green candles, have faith when there are red candles ;)
Boeing Nov 05, 2021 2:36PM ET
And I told you in morning, buy if you can :) It broke it's 222 levels and strong bullish englufing happening. So many positive news upcoming and opening of Air travels/demands and Dubai Airshow/777x debut is going to bring happiness to all sensible moves, keep holding it. This is going to be happy Xmas present for all, 26-278
Boeing Nov 05, 2021 12:21PM ET
Honestly I hate the greedy people in group, keep holding it,only positive sentiments for BA. iIt has broken all resistance levels today. Now crucial level is 222 and if it breaks it, I see this going to 240+ by the time Dubai Air show will start on 15th when 777-x will be debut. Rather I will say time to buy to get easy 20% :)
Boeing Nov 04, 2021 3:18AM ET
Boeing to Debut 777X, Spotlight Defense and Global Services and Highlight Sustainability, Technology and Partnerships at 2021 Dubai Airshow
Boeing Nov 04, 2021 3:18AM ET
Good Morning guys- getting ready for green ? Such a positive news for BOEING today !!! I think it will start soaring already in pre-market...
Boeing Nov 03, 2021 3:11PM ET
And yes I agree, if you have some more funds- it's perfect time for buying...don't miss this chance for atleast 10% sweet gain from current levels in couple of weeks...
Boeing Nov 03, 2021 3:09PM ET
let's be realistic guys,BA is fighting hard to get positive sentiments and I am sure it will considering upcoming Airfare and restrictions being lifted. Also, diplomatic issues between Australia & France is going to help further. I think the most important is to break 215 & 217 resistance levels, if it does...then NO ONE can stop it to reach by 230 end of next week....
Boeing Nov 02, 2021 6:08AM ET
Last opportunity to buy in my perspective, more and more positive news will come for BOEING, considering upcoming Dubai Air show and uplifiting restrictions.
Boeing Nov 02, 2021 6:07AM ET
Boeing Oct 28, 2021 10:02AM ET
It's BOEING ! on whose planes World flies/defense works- don't underestimate ;)
Boeing Oct 28, 2021 9:00AM ET
A breakout is highly expected if weekly candle closes at 220, then it will test it's 240 levels....
Boeing Oct 28, 2021 8:59AM ET
Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) analyst Noah Poponak maintained a Buy rating on Boeing (NYSE:BA) on Wednesday, setting a price target of $305, which is approximately 47.62% above the present share price of $206.61.
Boeing Oct 27, 2021 10:30AM ET
Boeing Oct 22, 2021 12:12PM ET
Just added 100 stocks :) my all money is now here, waiting for it to jump to 230 during it's earnings
Boeing Oct 22, 2021 12:12PM ET
AMD Oct 21, 2021 8:08AM ET
Guys, how will be the trend today considering Intel's earning at closing of day ? Any news about merger ? I read on Barron's about analysts predicting a solid earnings from AMD next week. Do you think I can add some more ? :)
AMD Oct 20, 2021 9:35AM ET
looks like testing 120 today if it breaks it's resistance at 117.51:) great volumes...
AMD Oct 19, 2021 7:35AM ET
Any chances today , it may test 120 level ?
AMD Oct 14, 2021 10:57AM ET
I bought 20 more :) Some times, it's conviction which talks within....It's definitely going to test today 112.06
AMD Oct 14, 2021 5:22AM ET
110.6 & 112.3 are most important levels , if it crosses then no one can stop it to reach 116...
AMD Oct 13, 2021 11:48AM ET
My average is still around 106.8 ;)
AMD Oct 13, 2021 10:50AM ET
I bought more at 109 :) I am sure by the time it's earnings are coming out- it's going to cross 116 levels