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mann patel

Joined: 23/09/20

Comments by mann patel
EUR/USD Mar 02, 2021 10:09AM ET
buy* now*
NZD/USD Mar 01, 2021 6:57PM ET
30m strong double bottom indication.
EUR/USD Mar 01, 2021 5:55PM ET
I don't think so this is how it works!.
EUR/USD Mar 01, 2021 10:16AM ET
Nice analysis!
EUR/USD Feb 28, 2021 8:36PM ET
Common kids buy up!
AUD/USD Feb 28, 2021 12:18PM ET
may creates "N"
AUD/USD Feb 28, 2021 9:57AM ET
even the pair has not indicated any interest of bullishness.
AUD/USD Feb 27, 2021 12:05PM ET
it will be wondering if it touches the same height as on wed! it will be wondering if it touches the same height as on wed!
AUD/USD Feb 27, 2021 9:14AM ET
I am seeing the bears are taking over from here so no impact.
EUR/USD Feb 26, 2021 8:03PM ET
mine 98 :))
EUR/USD Feb 26, 2021 7:59PM ET
By today's move it is confirmed that downtrend begin here.
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 4:01PM ET
no way its coming up again because many people will think for rebound :()
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 12:17PM ET
the biggest fountain had snatched my bucket rather droping some in
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 11:40AM ET
printing i think
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 11:37AM ET
not looking rising, it was last top by looking at monthly candle.
EUR/USD Feb 26, 2021 11:23AM ET
biggest fountain
EUR/USD Feb 26, 2021 11:11AM ET
tp 1.21680
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 10:17AM ET
sell pressure is high!
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 9:25AM ET
what next? will that stay bullish?
EUR/USD Feb 26, 2021 8:07AM ET
through out 11/12
EUR/USD Feb 26, 2021 7:47AM ET
is this fake-up?
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 6:48AM ET
sell sell sell
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 6:47AM ET
don't look like a buy
AUD/USD Feb 26, 2021 6:32AM ET
non stop rally downwards and its weekend too, plus month ending.
AUD/USD Feb 25, 2021 7:52AM ET
1day we will be known as a “chating traders” {{e:f09f9885}}