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Grant Hovhannisyan

Joined: 03/08/20

Comments by Grant Hovhannisyan
Dogecoin Apr 19, 2021 8:27PM ET
lets make it 69 cents
Dogecoin Apr 19, 2021 1:19PM ET
can we see 0.5 today?
Dogecoin Apr 19, 2021 6:00AM ET
lambo or model S?
Moderna Apr 17, 2021 12:00PM ET
scam is your profile
Dogecoin Apr 16, 2021 5:08PM ET
said by a guy with profile name XRP GURU
Dogecoin Apr 16, 2021 3:05PM ET
no matter what happens
Dogecoin Apr 16, 2021 3:05PM ET
going to hodl at least a year more
Dogecoin Apr 16, 2021 9:52AM ET
mine doesn't work too
Dogecoin Apr 16, 2021 7:28AM ET
me too
Dogecoin Apr 16, 2021 7:21AM ET
technoking technoking
Dogecoin Apr 16, 2021 7:12AM ET
pretty sure there is a certain person behind this:)
Coinbase Global Apr 14, 2021 1:59PM ET
so it's worth 70x revenue, no thanx
Coinbase Global Apr 14, 2021 1:49PM ET
what is the market cap?
Moderna Apr 13, 2021 8:20PM ET
Phase 3 COVE Study: Updated cases show continued strong efficacy, including greater than 90% against cases of COVID-19 and greater than 95% against severe cases of COVID-19, with approximately 6 months median follow-up post dose 2
Moderna Apr 12, 2021 8:34AM ET
i don't recommend asking random guys about your investments. you have a lot of time to learn how to invest
Dogecoin Apr 11, 2021 7:06AM ET
any reason for skyroketing?
Dogecoin Apr 08, 2021 6:31PM ET
man so much spam in here
Dogecoin Apr 01, 2021 6:26AM ET
go Elon!
Moderna Mar 30, 2021 7:26PM ET
105-119 is its recent support level, it was 105 in January and then went up, and was 119 on March 8 and again went up
Moderna Mar 30, 2021 5:07AM ET
Mrna hits its support price, buy now
Moderna Mar 17, 2021 3:06PM ET
are there any moderators here to block spammers (you all know what I mean)?
Moderna Mar 16, 2021 11:52AM ET
someone else's (aka Oliver)
Volkswagen ST Mar 16, 2021 11:33AM ET
tesla is now worth 20x its revenue, if VW would have this valuation it would be worth 4 trillion
Dogecoin Mar 11, 2021 7:01PM ET
Moderna Mar 11, 2021 12:36PM ET
if you invested in MRNA (which already means you are smart), then also have a look at Twist biosciences. It is the major DNA/ RNA producing company, and now it is on sale