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Jack Dalton (JackDaltonAU)

Joined: 02/08/20

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Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting / Management) - University of Western Australia / Master of Business Administration - University of Western Australia I have 3 years experience as a Hotel Accountant before returning to university to complete an MBA. I enjoy following market trends and investing in emerging technologies. Love investing in the Hotels, Hospitality and Tourism sector due to a wealth of knowledge in this sector, as well as renewable energy because sustainability matters. I follow the ASX, NYSE, NASDAQ and FX I hope you enjoy my contributions!

Trading Experience:    3-5 Years
Trader Type:    Investor
Markets Traded:    Forex, Stocks, Indices
Currency Pairs Traded:    EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD
Skill Level:    Intermediate
Favorite Trading Platform:    CommSecIRESS By Commsec
Preferred Approach:    Fundamental


Preferred Trading Time Frame:    monthly