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Bull Power

Joined: 08/06/20

Comments by Bull Power
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 2:53PM ET
or you can also, if you had a brain, realize that it is going steadily down since March 8th. it's funny it's like those bears at the end of the crash at March going like 'lol snp can't even close above 2400' and literally update their number every day instaed of realizing that the chart shows a very clear direction.
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 2:49PM ET
You seem very slow, you and Charles, so let me again explain this to you, I come and call you losers, you say 'hi if you want to insult us, I got a better insult for you' and you replace the word Loser, and insult, with 'long' which... how is this a 'proper insult' ? So I gave you a chance to crawl somehow but you can't even crawl, if you can't crawl how will you ever run? Apes once again prove themselves the inferior race to us humans.
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 2:40PM ET
What on earth is a long monkey? is that really the best you could come up with given the letter L?
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 2:34PM ET
I thought it stood for Arrogant Loser Monkeys
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 2:31PM ET
You know this makes you look 10 times worse right? 'Look at me I lucked into 1000% profit in 2 weeks but instead of taking it I got greedy and now I don't have a chance to reach it again, yay!!!' It's hilarious how this is the usual reply of those plebs who bought at 500 and think they'll look good like that, but if you just admit you bought at 500 and you are trapped and 150 is the same as 40 to you, it would look smarter than your claim of being completely and utterly brain damaged.
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 1:08PM ET
But the 'HEDGIES' aren't. You are now giving your money to sticky kitty and friends, no one else is involved. Not in the way you think.
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 12:55PM ET
That I do.
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 12:28PM ET
If short intest on GME now is between 200% and 1000% then I will declare that the earth is indeed flat and buy with half a million. However that is just absolutely not remotely true. You are living off of fumes of expiring contracts, but remember, short contracts aren't the only ones that expire, long contracts do too, expire worthless, and all of you apes who leveraged will eventually be liquidated, forcing you to sell at market to cover your margins. When this happens eventually even stinky kitty and friends will be forced out of their positions and you'll see it at 40 or even 10 and lose everything. Not saying it can't gamma another 40 up or whatever but it seems very clear most retail apes believe this will go 4 or 5 digits, but it won't, so eventually you'll lose everything, doesn't matter if you visit 200 again.
Tian Ruixiang Holdings Apr 22, 2021 12:22PM ET
just so you know, using insider information is illegal, if it worked out for you, you'd risk jail time, hope you learned your lesson, find details about the company before buying and don't believe anyone who claims they know anyone on the inside - they don't and if they do it's illegal for them to mention anything anyway.
GameStop Corp Apr 22, 2021 9:38AM ET
More like Angry and dillusuonal anonymous. You gotta wonder if they even believe what they are saying themselves.
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 1:47PM ET
The market is a great device for taking money from apes and giving it to superior humans.
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 11:01AM ET
shill is when you blindly support something hoping someone else buys, you shill gme, I just want you to cry so I can bathe in your agony
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 10:59AM ET
Not gonna lie excited to read sob stories when monkeys give up and lose everything
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 10:56AM ET
fact - most shorts covered, all naked shorts covered, longs will be liquidated.
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 10:28AM ET
The word 'may' is repeating a lot, you believe it to be a word of confirmation rather than possibility. Useless ape, shorts were squeezed
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 10:24AM ET
Yes I am spying on him, lol what an ape, he said so himself, he also thanks you for his wealth that you paid for.
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 10:22AM ET
There are tons from all the seller, apes sure are dillusional
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 10:21AM ET
Weird, pretty sure lots of people trying to sell, ask column is filled.
GameStop Corp Apr 21, 2021 10:01AM ET
Stinky kitty no longer buys, soon he will get all your money and crash this to 20 or 40
Tesla Apr 20, 2021 3:02AM ET
Come on with this text bug.. This implies Tesla adjusted to car amount is already way safer than an average manual driver.And it can only improve.
Tesla Apr 20, 2021 3:00AM ET
Let's assume they were on auto pilot, let's assume whatever happened is never fixed and will continue happening. Just this year in the US alone 16650 people manually drove to their end. This implies teskala adjusted tio car amoubt unt is already way sagerfer than an average manual druveriver.And it can only impriveove.
Tesla Apr 20, 2021 2:55AM ET
Wait until you hear the fatality rate for other car manufacturers oh brain damaged Leo
Tian Ruixiang Holdings Apr 18, 2021 2:57AM ET
Btw for those who might be wondering what is going on, this is a scam where Chinese people got this fake ticker, pumped the price and lured for months investors, mostly Canadian this time, they then revealed that they he ticker name to them at 90+ levels and assured them it will keep going rapidly up, once most confirmed to have taken position they pulled the plug and crashed it. It then started moving in extreme volatility as day traders like me saw an opportunity (twice now actually) for bounce based on victims buying more to dollar cost average with the extremely empty book (only retail are in, Chinese are gone) Now I don't recommend anything but selling and getting away forever which I have done after hours. Bottom line this company does not actually exist and this stock is worthless, price movements now are retails taking money from retails. Enjoy.
GameStop Corp Apr 15, 2021 4:44PM ET
I love how this insanity isn't over even though its been months already, it's the longest most senseless pump and dmp in history! just absolutely amazing. At this point I legit root for you apes, though of course you can never win, because you are united against an imaginry foe rather than against the guys who made millions off of you already and completely control the price of this nonsense.
Romeo Power Apr 06, 2021 9:11AM ET
They have 131 employees lol what is wrong with people?