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Mduduzi Charls

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Comments by Mduduzi Charls
Gold Down as Dollar Strengthens, U.S Treasury Yields Rise Oct 06, 2021 2:13AM ET
If the Non Farm Payroll Employment could change then the USD will continue to go up
Will October Be A Good Or Bad Month For Currencies? Oct 02, 2021 6:48AM ET
That why I Love Kathy Lien , She always making Sense.
AUD/NZD Sep 16, 2021 3:46PM ET
NZD Gross domestic Product has played a huge role on the market, that's why New Zealand is strong, even Next week, New Zealand will be on the profitable line.
AUD/NZD Sep 16, 2021 12:30PM ET
It will go down for sure
Top 5 Things to Watch in Markets in the Week Ahead Sep 12, 2021 8:37AM ET
We will see their Actions in the coming Week , but Canadian dollar , New Zealand Dollar are the best performers Week ahead.
AUD/JPY Sep 01, 2021 3:26PM ET
It will continue to Rise up, GDP was performing well in Australia
South Africa detects new coronavirus variant, still studying its mutations Aug 31, 2021 1:01PM ET
Stop Playing with South Africans plzz
EUR/USD Aug 27, 2021 2:50PM ET
Exponential Moving Average
NZD/CAD Aug 22, 2021 9:36PM ET
NZD is weak compared to other Currencies, NZDCAD , NZDCHF, If European Manufacturing PMI is improving then EURNZD will win the battle Today.
'Everyone was crying': Grieving Haitians bury their dead a week after quake Aug 22, 2021 10:09AM ET
US has the Strategy of visiting the country that has issues , but only if the US can benefit from that Country afterwards, for instance Resources.
New York to mark coronavirus comeback with free concert Aug 19, 2021 2:08PM ET
I wish South Africa can do that too
New York to mark coronavirus comeback with free concert Aug 19, 2021 2:08PM ET
That's very good New Yorkers, If the person has negative Results then is admired to enter.....I like that point
CHF/JPY Aug 11, 2021 3:41PM ET
Impatient and Emotions leads to Losses in the Market and if don't scratch one of those Above, Leave the Market Alone.
USD/CHF Aug 11, 2021 1:22AM ET
When you sell Becarefully because Consumer Price index and Bond Auction is coming on the Table and remember the US announced Job openings data , so Becarefully when you short now.
Dollar index edges up on upbeat data; virus worries linger Aug 09, 2021 2:18PM ET
Delta Variant can be defeated by Fully Vaccination then the dollar will continue to rise up in future. AUD = Lockdown has been extended till further 28 August 2021.CHF = Show no improvement on unmployment Rates ended 3.0%NZD = Everything is on the Line but we anticipate Inflation. GBP = Prelim Gross Domestic Product will be on the eye on Economy of Great British. This weekend need an Sharp Eye.
USD/CHF Aug 09, 2021 11:03AM ET
People are predicting more than Reading the news
USD/CHF Aug 09, 2021 4:32AM ET
Yah I think so Yah I think so
USD/CHF Aug 09, 2021 4:31AM ET
Just take a look now, 3.0% Unmployment Rates Reported which means nothing change from the Switzerland, Therefore the Dollar is going to resume it bullish Trandline. Check your Chart now.
USD/CHF Aug 09, 2021 1:16AM ET
Remember Unmployment Rates is on the yellow Forex factory so the Dollar won't be affected that much, it will be temporary Bearish.
USD/CHF Aug 08, 2021 10:43PM ET
943K New jobs added, watch the moves.
ECB must tighten policy if needed to counter inflation, Weidmann says Aug 08, 2021 6:39AM ET
ECB is facing difficulties but Monetary Policy should be maintained in order to keep Inflation Impressive.
French lawmakers approve bill to tackle fourth wave of coronavirus Jul 26, 2021 1:55PM ET
This is totally wrong, People have the right to refuse to be Vaccinated cuz we different bodies and we all have rights to Express ourselves.
EUR/CHF Jul 26, 2021 1:43PM ET
Since EUR Negative Interest Rates has been highlighted, Euro is losing it pace , that's why CHF is taking a Place.