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Tommi Nuutinen

Joined: 16/05/20

Comments by Tommi Nuutinen
Digital World Acquisition Nov 04, 2021 4:44PM ET
well, they have it.
Digital World Acquisition Nov 04, 2021 3:24PM ET
lol. No volume no hype. lol.
Ocugen Nov 04, 2021 12:35PM ET
could be, but before that it goes to 15 - 20 points in One week.
Ocugen Nov 04, 2021 12:32PM ET
im buyin in.
Ocugen Nov 04, 2021 5:02AM ET
No sorry typo. over 35 prosent 3×Pi =9, 42 ×2 =^18. 82
Ocugen Nov 04, 2021 4:56AM ET
Ocugen Nov 04, 2021 4:56AM ET
it basically means that :it and when we hold, they have to "cover their playcosts" By the way tvst they have to nyt the stocks out because their estimation of the price went south, with it, it will correct the price for us retail investors benefit to rice double digits before end of the week. I PREDICT the price at Fridays close , is above 22$
Rent the Runway Nov 04, 2021 4:42AM ET
Hmm...Nice dip..going for the "sitting mummy chart" 😎🤘so, this is easily, if the volume is right this will rise over 20$ this week.
4 Meme Stocks to Avoid Like the Plague in October Nov 03, 2021 9:34AM ET
OCGN almost 20....
Ocugen Nov 03, 2021 9:31AM ET
Check out ZEN Graphene (ZEN) (TSXV)
WiMi Hologram Cloud Nov 03, 2021 9:25AM ET
It will be in double digits before you know.
WiMi Hologram Cloud Nov 03, 2021 9:25AM ET
Just buy, can't lose.
Digital World Acquisition Nov 03, 2021 8:59AM ET
36 Trump endorsement's has lost. It's not so good if you also watch some other news than FOX...
ZEN Graphene Nov 02, 2021 5:58PM ET
Nikola Oct 29, 2021 2:58PM ET
General Motors
Nikola Oct 29, 2021 2:57PM ET
because GM starts to Make the badger.
WiMi Hologram Cloud Oct 29, 2021 9:57AM ET
Nokia Oyj Oct 29, 2021 7:15AM ET
buy the dip - Hold forever
Nokia Oyj Oct 29, 2021 7:13AM ET
because they manipulate this in USA. Thank Bank of America for it, they do not get how good stock this is.
Nokia ADR Oct 28, 2021 9:33AM ET
Digital Brands Group Oct 28, 2021 9:29AM ET
Up Fintech Oct 28, 2021 4:44AM ET
could this reach 20$ before the end of this year?
ProShares Bitcoin Strategy Oct 28, 2021 4:39AM ET
This is good for long-term investing, i think. Much less volatile than BTC itself.
Upstart Oct 28, 2021 4:09AM ET
I missed this one when it can puplic. Now I'm waiting the Nerdwallet to go public in December. NOT going to miss that One.
Rovio Entertainment Oct 28, 2021 3:37AM ET
Yes, new CEO Will Make the Rovio to surpass 10€ in the first quarter of 22