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Ricardo Augusto

Joined: 16/05/20

Comments by Ricardo Augusto
DAX May 10, 2021 11:18AM ET
Eur Vs USD rising and we have a green close. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 10:53AM ET
We are all playing in the papa´s and mama´s house, so they rulling, or we accept their rules, or its better leave the house
DAX May 07, 2021 10:45AM ET
Pinting Quadrilions of money, it simple. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 10:44AM ET
i told you, SP ath today, plus Dow
DAX May 07, 2021 10:37AM ET
The next Biden´s Plan will be 1,9 Quadrilion. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 9:54AM ET
Someone in this forum will have to eat their shorts. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 9:50AM ET
Fishing newbies for the Black Monday, who wants to enter, please your are welcome. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 9:45AM ET
USD weakens, and Stocks in Europe rising. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 9:43AM ET
We could have a Black Monday, be prepared
DAX May 07, 2021 9:24AM ET
SP will reach ath today. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 9:22AM ET
Could be revised the April Jobs Report too. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 9:22AM ET
March Jobs Report was revised from 916k to 770k, someone are lying here
DAX May 07, 2021 9:11AM ET
Everybody write´s in the earlier Covid pandemic, that we will have a new great depression, but they forgot that at that time, the Central Banks doesn´t had such good printers as nowadays. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 9:04AM ET
Biden´s new plan coming, the markets area delighted with this NFP numbers. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 6:36AM ET
They will find great news in the NFP
DAX May 07, 2021 6:34AM ET
Next stop 15.500. lol
DAX May 07, 2021 6:29AM ET
With the new Covid-20 that they will present us, we reach the 20k. lol. Madness.
DAX May 06, 2021 4:13AM ET
Look at the CAC, this is even worse manipulation, only up on what???
DAX May 05, 2021 8:44AM ET
at this time CAC is more impressive than DAX, the French economy are so strong . lol, FAKE
DAX May 04, 2021 4:20AM ET
What´s going on with the CAC, they have such a strong economy... lol
DAX Apr 28, 2021 5:49AM ET
to maintain this unbelivable billish trend, they have to present the new and fantastic "COVID-20" lol
DAX Apr 28, 2021 5:38AM ET
where the GDP/DEBT ratio are wonderful, where the incredible increase in DEBT vs Decrease in GDP compared to 2019 are sustaining by printers, no inflation no matter suppliers shortages etc etc, its better tho think moving to Mars. lol
DAX Apr 28, 2021 5:34AM ET
I am starting to believe that we live in a beautiful financial world. lol
DAX Apr 13, 2021 10:54AM ET
Tomorrow we will have one more big fake, the great USA Banks, will show us an increase of net income not less than 25%, compared with the same period of 2020, so the sky is the limit. lol
DAX Apr 13, 2021 7:51AM ET
This is now a private market (FED, ECB, Banks etc) we are the outsiders, so they made the rules, and we have to follow