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Intel Jun 23, 2021 5:37AM ET example for good but also bad news at the same time and that is the problem with most news on Intel. They need to undergo restructure, no doubt about that and hence its inevitable. However that comes always with an expensive price tag. It will be always on the cost of short and middle-term growth coupled with uncertainty on the longterm while increasing drastically expenses!! and thus worsening eps/pe/growth/sales. There are theoretically many good reasons to invest in Intel , but dont forget there are also just as many or more bad reasons. With extremely increasing expenses and trying to put only half a foot into already well established markets, how you gonna expect to have any time soon lower PEs ? Notebook/apu and dc sales were already declining in May/June for Intel. Apart from that, you should remember that foundry business will never be as lucrative as Intels DC-business has been. Those margins are passé, unreachable for years to come! So dont take Intel as a self-propelling. There are many chances, but there are just as many risks and those huge expenses are the biggest risk to an investors pocket.
Carbios Jun 16, 2021 10:33AM ET
Intel Jun 11, 2021 7:07AM ET
At least there is one thing you can count on with Intel, bad news xDTight supply for Intel new CPUsIntel has announced two new Tiger Lake-U Refresh processors at Computex 2021,but tight supply of the latest CPUs is undermining notebook vendors' plans oflaunching devices using the new offersings from the US chip giant.Unstable shipments of Intel's recently introduced Tiger Lake-U Refresh processors,coupled with the ongoing shortages of certain ICs, will put pressure on the supplychain in releasing notebooks with the new processors in the third quarter of 2021,according to industry sources.
Intel Jun 07, 2021 9:17AM ET
I love posts with rallying crying but no real information on why.Anyhow, why would I short at the beginning of a bull trap that ends at the next earning report,just like it did the last couple of earnings reports before - for very good reasons.People are dreaming and don't really want to see or know the technical mess intel is in.It's so funny, because you don't really need to be a pro to know that with that roadmapanother 2-3 slides are pretty much guaranteed, everything else is just wishful thinking.If I would recommend shorting, I would do it shortly before the earnings report. Next earnings are on Jul29, and that is still a long time time to go. With those currently skyrocketing expenses and no perspective for easing pressure within the next 9 months,especially margins will just sack further before they might recover to some degree in 2 yrs from now.Sapphire rapids being delayed once more only adds up to the mess they are already deep in.Apart from that, you mix up the terminology fanboy and investor.I am particular only interested in ROI (return of investment) and usually if you want to invest, you analyse your potential investment.AMD has currently the better position and perspective for many more quarters to come, simple as that.And of course this might change some day, but its obvious due to simple technical restrictions that this cant happen over night.If you think Intel already passed the bottom, then you will be disabused sooner or later.IC development is very protracted.
AMC Entertainment Jun 03, 2021 2:12PM ET
AMC Entertainment Jun 03, 2021 1:58PM ET
AMC Entertainment Jun 03, 2021 11:46AM ET
REEEEBBBOUND .................... TO THE GROUND
AMC Entertainment Jun 03, 2021 10:29AM ET
TANK incoming
4 Undervalued Chip Stocks to Buy in June Jun 03, 2021 3:28AM ET
How can Intel have immense growth potential, they totally disappointed the last months and quarters with just meeeh earnings in a semi conductor super cycle. They barely profited at all, why should they suddenly start to profit ??? Their roadmap for the at least next 2-3 quarters is lagging way behind competitors products. Plus IDM2 margins will not really be able to bump up the companies margins above 60% again, since their are much lower. The middle term forecast is just plain not promising. Longterm 2-3yrs from now it might look different, but at that point everybody elses capacities will have improved as well, so will care about idm2. If the super cycle stops, the one getting hit the worst from it will be rather the one loosing already market shares,the one that barely profited at all from the super cycle directly and less the competition that basically is selling anything they have. If it wouldnt be for others that had capacity limits, it lookd much worse for intel 2020/21.
Intel Jun 02, 2021 10:52AM ET
intel is so desperate on news they are having Raja doing some breadcrumbing to keep them investors in good humor by posting pics of DG2 GPUs. Its so pathetic. Deliver or seriously just be quite Intel.
Intel Jun 02, 2021 4:42AM ET
In case anybody has not seen it (you didnt really miss anything), intels computex keynote was a huge disappointment. youtube com/watch?v=OnNZ3hCjIvs
AMD Jun 01, 2021 4:53AM ET
- AMD @ Computex from 7hrs ago- A couple of new information and details were announced, short list:Big ****new 3d vcache on ryzen chiplets, AMD rdna2 x Tesla, Samsung Exynos with rdna2, cezane coming to retail, fidelity fx starts 22Jun, RX6600M/6700M/6800M coming
AMD Jun 01, 2021 4:50AM ET
- AMD @ Computex from 7hrs ago- A couple of new information and details were announced, short list:Big a$$ new 3d vcache on ryzen chiplets, AMD rdna2 x Tesla, Samsung Exynos with rdna2, cezane coming to retail, fidelity fx starts 22Jun, RX6600M/6700M/6800M coming www tomshardware com/news/watch-amds-computex-2021-keynote-live-here-at-7pm-pt-10pm-et-tonight
AMD Jun 01, 2021 4:05AM ET
AMD Shows New 3D V-Cache Ryzen Chiplets, up to 192MB of L3 Cache, 15% Gaming Improvement - AMD shocks the chip world
Intel May 31, 2021 4:56AM ET
Hahaha. I did not expect anything else but Sapphire Rapids once more got delayed. Former key competitor to AMDs Epycs server cpus. Means datacenter recovery will take even longer than it would have already taken before. GL Intel.
Intel May 07, 2021 11:43AM ET
Good luck. Next quarter earnings report will be just worse than the last one, margins/PE/EPS will continue to lower due to strongly raised costs and lower ASPs. You dont have to be a fortune-teller to see that coming, that is the funny thing and yet people are misguided by emotions and false hopes. And remember foundry business (finger point at IDM2.0) is even less profitable as Intels current own main business is or was. Intel is basically selling quite some stuff but mostly low ASP products thus low margins. Effective margins in general wont recover before Q2-Q3/2022 based on their spendings, structural plans and currently weak road map for 2021. They need to reestablish their competitiveness in the high margin product segment. It's a pretty simple equation: road map equals competitive position equals ASP equals margins. But yes, you can try buying now and selling again before earnings - this bear trap trick worked now many times.
Allianz May 07, 2021 6:40AM ET
Why would you wanna sell now. Makes no sense, sector rotation into finances started already plus insurances usually profit from increasing interest rates.
AMD May 06, 2021 11:07AM ET
Vonovia May 05, 2021 5:20AM ET
Such a no brainer at ~52€ !
AMD May 04, 2021 7:33PM ET
Intel May 04, 2021 10:36AM ET
RIP IDM2.0 !!! TSMC planing on building up to 5 more fabs in Arizona.
Carbios May 03, 2021 10:03AM ET
Pros: Much higher back up by two current investors that are very very confident towards the success of this company, supporting the current stock price level. Financed for two more years. Cons: Higher market cap at the same stock price and dilution if you dont participate in the CI.
Intel May 03, 2021 9:58AM ET
Can you explain, what is progressing nicely lol? The only (negative) progress I see is drastically raising costs, less buybacks, more competition, dropping asp, being behind schedule, actions with effect in 2-3 years, lower margins, fwd pe less attractive. Rumors even indicate that there are quite still some problems with Sapphire Rapids (quote: "hot buggy mess") and alder lake is supposed to be slower than anticipated by everyone. Reason: heavy time pressure. Thus will result in only more disappointment. GL.
Broker Robinhood upbraids Buffett over casino comparison May 03, 2021 9:39AM ET
Yeah, but hey let them hedgies play pump and dump, and manipulate the market with puts n calls. duuuhhooh