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Charles Schultz

Joined: 07/04/20

Comments by Charles Schultz
Bitcoin Jan 06, 2021 11:40PM ET
oh yeah its rat poison squared. go short and get wrekt man!
Bitcoin Jan 06, 2021 11:32PM ET
🤣better be quick
Bitcoin Jan 06, 2021 11:30PM ET
more for the rich to buy up. great plan. unless your already rich and don't want to see the promise land. if we make a lower high or double top them yeah maybe but were not seeing any technicals saying sell. BTC always overbought in these runs. ********look at what ADA just did and still going. Strong hands will see life changing money this year. Its just the beginning man.🤑
Bitcoin Jan 04, 2021 2:12PM ET
Funny BTC has one needed correction and all the bear trolls come out. keep shorting and getting rekt!!!
Bitcoin Jan 03, 2021 1:08AM ET
the only big dump is weak hands and will be bought up quick by the institutions. Greyscale bought 3x the amount of bitcoin mined last month and continue to do so. PayPal buying the the whole amount mined monthly. So thats just 2 ,companies. As long as the dollar is week and we keep printing money there is no top for BTC
Dollar Index Futures Nov 25, 2020 1:52PM ET
you are dead right. Sad but so true!!!
Dollar Index Futures Nov 25, 2020 1:50PM ET
money printer go Brrrrrrrrr!! printing the US into the ground. Go long on gold, silver and BTC. Dollar will be dead in 10 years. Especially with the democrats now in office.
Montana federal prosecutor warns of dangers of pot legalization ahead of vote Oct 19, 2020 7:54PM ET
addictive to those who want to save money and not get hooked on pills and the other bad side effects that pharmaceuticals have.
KNC/USD Jul 06, 2020 12:01PM ET
wish I knew....anyone?
BTC/USD Jun 24, 2020 2:26PM ET
exactly how I see it.
BTC/USD Jun 14, 2020 9:58PM ET
you know stocks are going to dump also. look at futures. there dropping just like bitcoin. Nothing is safe with the fake stock market and printing machine going burr must have jammed up.
BTC/USD Jun 01, 2020 8:01PM ET
sold at 9788. and the price went crazy. made around 300$ on the day but god 5 more minutes and I could of made double. 🙄
BTC/USD Apr 25, 2020 11:03PM ET
the halving is in about 17 days. it's going to rise till then and then dump but run up to all time highs in the next year