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Beaty Thomas

Joined: 30/03/20

Comments by Beaty Thomas
Tesla Mar 10, 2021 12:19PM ET
it depends on the bond auctions in 40 minutes. that's why the holding pattern. if auction goes well go long, if it doesn't go short. simple as.
Tesla Mar 10, 2021 11:51AM ET
this is completely controlled by nq
Tesla Mar 09, 2021 3:56PM ET
yes buy in at the top after a 20% move
Tesla Mar 09, 2021 3:49PM ET
Tesla surges almost 20%, biggest daily rise in a year Mar 09, 2021 3:20PM ET
based on nothing
Tesla Mar 09, 2021 2:43PM ET
going for second test of 200 ema. (1hr)
Nasdaq Mar 09, 2021 12:46PM ET
wait for bond sales this week
Tesla Mar 09, 2021 12:30PM ET
not enough compared to other car makers
Tesla Mar 09, 2021 11:39AM ET
wait until the bond sale begins
Alibaba ADR Mar 08, 2021 5:38PM ET
this stock needs some good news to break this downtrend
Tesla Mar 08, 2021 11:35AM ET
priced in
Nasdaq Mar 05, 2021 11:01AM ET
Boeing Mar 05, 2021 10:46AM ET
well, I'll BTC now, 235 to 219.
S&P 500 Mar 04, 2021 1:16PM ET
remember though, goldman said a biden admin would lead to s&p over 4000. nothing to worry about!
Walmart Mar 03, 2021 5:43PM ET
smooth brained analysis.
Boeing Mar 03, 2021 2:26PM ET
once this 230 local support goes it's over
Boeing Mar 03, 2021 2:21PM ET
wait this isn't the BABA thread
Boeing Mar 03, 2021 11:09AM ET
there will be a lot of bagholders created today
Boeing Mar 03, 2021 10:55AM ET
other than a jim cramer tweet that is.
Boeing Mar 03, 2021 10:54AM ET
I am. I don't see any reason for the pop and historical trends show quick selloffs with Ba.
S&P 500 Feb 26, 2021 12:30PM ET
not with pending bailout
Tesla Feb 25, 2021 3:02PM ET
gm or f
Tesla Feb 19, 2021 2:28PM ET
test 2
Tesla Feb 19, 2021 1:15PM ET
780ish weekly support. if this breaks down to 770 for next support
Tesla Feb 18, 2021 2:52PM ET
true. very low volume