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Irvin Mermelstein

Joined: 23/03/20

Comments by Irvin Mermelstein
Dow Cuts Some Gains as Tech Stumbles on Reopening Rollbacks Jul 13, 2020 1:36PM ET
Do us all a favor and stop lying about the virus. It's disgusting.
Shares near five-month peak as earnings season kicks off Jul 12, 2020 10:37PM ET
What earnings? Does GNUS have earnings? Just like 2000.
Tesla slashes Model Y SUV price as pandemic weighs on auto sector Jul 12, 2020 4:12PM ET
At least. OTOH, Tesla was $374 in March. When the markets crash, ALL stocks fall.
Gilead says additional data on remdesivir shows improved clinical recovery Jul 10, 2020 10:42AM ET
You don't know a thing about Covid 19, do you?
Nasdaq At Record as Investors Bet on Big Tech to Weather Virus Storm; Dow Falls Jul 09, 2020 7:09PM ET
That's a clear statement of part of the investment strategy of Robinhood:1. Buy on the dip.2. Buy Hertz.3. Buy option.3. Fed pumps up the market.4. You make money.Rinse and repeat. Day trading by new investors is gambling. If you think Jerome Powell isn't corrupted by Trump, like Mnuchin, I've got a bridge to show you.
The Renewed Upswing In The S&P 500 Jul 08, 2020 10:07PM ET
Yesterday the market was a good day to short. Futures look promising for shorts tomorrow. Not surprising for the middle of an out of control pandemic.
Russell Finally Breaks Jul 08, 2020 8:21PM ET
Russell will be leading the market. Yesterday, the pullback by the R2000 was over three times the NASDAQ. The point is that R2000 is dropping faster than the velocity of the NASDAQ. Like the author, I've been waiting for this for more than a month.
Watch Now: Here's What Will Move Markets This Week - July 5 (Video) Jul 05, 2020 4:21PM ET
Try looking at cases, not deaths. In July, we will add almost 3 million cases.
Watch Now: Here's What Will Move Markets This Week - July 5 (Video) Jul 05, 2020 4:18PM ET
Just like Spring 1929. Mini-crash in March, followed by a frenzy of buying based on the delusion that the market would go up forever. In September 1929, the market began a crash that lasted until July 1932.That's us today. Next stop: Dow 18,000, back to where we were in March.
Stocks hit two-week lows, oil slides on virus surge Jun 28, 2020 11:19PM ET
Friday may be seen later as the day that conditions for panic selling gelled. There will be more days like Friday, and days when the market or more or less bad than Friday, but if you are still bullish in this market, then you are either a Robinhood investor or operating on sentiment.
Stocks hit two-week lows, oil slides on virus surge Jun 28, 2020 11:15PM ET
The coronavirus is not "threatening the recovery" because their is no recovery.
Boeing Jun 24, 2020 7:51PM ET
The stock is dropping, nonthe less. A great short. In the 170s, a gift that keeps on giving. Stock going back to $85.00 in March. Pretty risky as a long position.
Stocks Are Celebrating. But This Recession Might Make 2008-2009 Look Mild Jun 21, 2020 2:03AM ET
This market lacks the fundamentals of the market in February 2009, at the bottom. On 2/27/09, the S&P 500 closed at 734.09. We didn't have a pandemic or 20% unemployment or Trump.
Small caps fail to keep up Jun 20, 2020 10:51PM ET
Transparency needed to restore trust after 737 MAX crashes: FAA chief Jun 16, 2020 11:48PM ET
BA was at 95 in March. That's where it's headed.
Opening Bell: U.S. Futures, Global Stocks Fall As V-Shaped Recovery Hopes Fade Jun 16, 2020 10:03PM ET
These rallies are predictable. Up in the AM, down the rest of the day.
Are Hertz Global Buyers Paying Something For Nothing? Jun 16, 2020 9:58PM ET
Including all the airports to which airlines are cancelling flights for the foreseeable future.
Are Hertz Global Buyers Paying Something For Nothing? Jun 16, 2020 9:57PM ET
The bet on HTZ is simple, and nothing to do with revenue from operations. The case is that though the company is bankrupt, an expected increase in the price of used cars will be enough to leave a few kopecks for the common stockholders. That's the rationale I've read, as well critics of it. A bet on a rise in the price of used cars assuming robust new demand for driving. That's not even speculation. And the company was notified last month that it was being delisted, which the company did not disclose to the markets and which it is appealing. When it's delisted, where will shareholders sell their stock?
Are Hertz Global Buyers Paying Something For Nothing? Jun 16, 2020 4:40PM ET
Seriously? You think HTZ is a buy?
Dow Stages Comeback as Fed Eyes Corporate Bonds Buying Jun 15, 2020 6:24PM ET
Estimated net worth $113 million
Dow Stages Comeback as Fed Eyes Corporate Bonds Buying Jun 15, 2020 5:46PM ET
Powell is holding up the evolution of the economy post-coronavirus to preserve the facade of the old economy. In the process, he is making a .assive transfer of wealth from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve directly to public corporations, some in bankruptcy and others in business on because of the Fed. These companies get cash and the government gets worthless paper in return. And the companies will STILL end up in bankruptcy. Does anyone think Powell and Trump can keep this up until election day? I don't remember any Fed Chair before Powell making impromptu statements in the middle of the trading day, when investors are in the middle of trades. I didn't trade today because of this weasel who has cost investors a great deal of money.
Chart Of The Day: Dow Jones To Re-Test Highs In The Medium Term Jun 11, 2020 7:16PM ET
There were two minicrashes before the Great Crash of September-October 1929. The first was in March when banks added liquidity to the markets so investors could keep buying stocks with cheap money. The buying frenzy resumed until late September, when the market experienced the the first leg of a bear market until July 1932. The euphoria that has ruled the market recently had precedents in 2000 and 1929. First, the market will give back the gains since the March lows.
NASDAQ Futures: Will Current Rally Continue, While Double-Top Completed? Jun 11, 2020 1:53AM ET
NASDAQ futures are down, breaking a pattern of positive NASDAQ vs negative SP500 and Russell 2000. VIX is up net after three days.
Is This Month's 80% Surge In Boeing Shares Justified? Jun 11, 2020 1:15AM ET
Short. Long way down to March low.