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M Douglas King II

Joined: 11/03/20

Comments by M Douglas King II
Annaly Capital Management Jun 22, 2021 5:52PM ET
Because Biden is printing money like toilet paper
Enterprise Products Partners LP May 10, 2021 8:38AM ET
With a 5 year average of around $25 pps and analyst targets between $27 and $36, this stock has a lot of upside. Good time to lock in a 7.75% dividend while the stock increases 20-30%. It is a cyclical stock but it's got no reason for the natural gas demand to decrease anytime in the near future and the long term supply contracts make it fairly safe with a strong balance sheet and P/E. What's not to love?
Capitol Hill on Lockdown as Pro-Trump Supporters Breach DC Jan 06, 2021 3:15PM ET
He's Mike's younger brother...
FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Approval of Moderna Vaccine Dec 17, 2020 5:26PM ET
One case of anaphylaxis in Alaska already for Pfizer with no history.
Annaly Capital Management Dec 17, 2020 5:22PM ET
To make money
How Fed Easing Could Be DXY Positive Dec 15, 2020 5:47PM ET
Georgia isn't going to let that happen.
Airbnb Dec 15, 2020 9:26AM ET
It's ipo value of $50-55 was spot on...
Airbnb Dec 15, 2020 9:25AM ET
Yeah but where to put the decimal place....
After Its IPO, Airbnb Stock Is Hot. Buy Now Or Wait For A Correction? Dec 14, 2020 1:13PM ET
It started at 146 and it's going down steadily... Are we talking about the same stock?
Airbnb Dec 11, 2020 8:36AM ET
$140 and falling. I'm going in at $60...
Airbnb Dec 10, 2020 3:42PM ET
"ha ha" - Nelson Muntz
DoorDash Dec 10, 2020 9:12AM ET
2 was the offering and 3 was the opening $102 was the offering and $163 was the opening
DoorDash Dec 10, 2020 9:11AM ET
Tuesday was the time to get out
U.S. COVID-19 deaths smash daily record, spurring pleas to trim back Christmas Dec 10, 2020 8:33AM ET
"have been watching patients die alone... " Sensationalist yellow journalism at its worst. Who employs fear mongers like this?
AMC Entertainment Nov 17, 2020 8:44AM ET
And if my grandmother had wheels she'd be a wagon
Carnival Corp Nov 12, 2020 3:36PM ET
I'd say buy after the bankruptcy is over...
Analysts' View: U.S. stock futures up as election results show close race Nov 03, 2020 11:44PM ET
There's 30 states trump has won. It's over with between 273 and 306 electoral votes.
Trump Vs. Biden: Who’s Better For FX? Nov 03, 2020 5:15PM ET
Trump wins Whitehouse but loses congress. Which makes no impact because the republican congress was more antagonistic to him than the democrats.
Carnival Corp Oct 28, 2020 10:53AM ET
You've never heard of bankruptcy I take it
Carnival Corp Oct 28, 2020 10:52AM ET
They can't even refund the tickets their obligated to. I agree with you that the industry isn't going anywhere. Once they complete bankruptcy they will be doing quiet well.
Carnival Corp Oct 16, 2020 10:10AM ET
They keep canceling my cruise and it'll be $0
FX: Stimulus Talks, Brexit And New Global Virus Restrictions Oct 12, 2020 5:04PM ET
People are too afraid of the virus to go to work, but they still expect to be paid.
Carnival Corp Oct 01, 2020 10:30AM ET
Ccl just canceled my Nov 15th cruise, again. I was booked in March and I took the credit, but after 7 months and two cancelations I want my money back. All the restrictions are bulls#i! Anyway. I'll take my money and book a flight to Guatemala and Nicaragua instead. That way I can explore, have food and fun without the CDC looking over my shoulder. Sorry cruise line I'm out.
Consolidated Water Sep 30, 2020 12:07PM ET
Such a lively discussion
Carnival Corp Sep 20, 2020 6:54PM ET
The earliest they are offering is November 15th, I know because I'm booked oked on that sailing out of Tampa