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Dhia Betar

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Comments by Dhia Betar
El Salvador Buys The Dip As Ethereum, Bitcoin Hit Lower Highs; SEC Sends Warning Sep 13, 2021 11:08AM ET
Extraordinary delusions and the madness of crowds. Enthusiatically watching till the end of the movie
Nikkei 225 Futures Sep 02, 2021 9:11AM ET
30 000 by SQ friday next week
U.S. Treasury Yields Continue To Fall As Labor Market Worries Grow Aug 03, 2021 9:37AM ET
Cant believe what I am reading !
Investors turn to stocks as they shrug off COVID worries Jul 21, 2021 11:55AM ET
Title should read ;- fed market plunge protection team is busy again for the second day buying stocks and helping to MAGA.
Bitcoin Could See Q4 Rebound as Investors Hunt for Yield Jul 16, 2021 6:08PM ET
Amazing how unprofessional this article is ! So if I stake my bitcoin , and the renter of bitcoin keeps for a month, and bitcoin goes down 20 to 30 % in the month? I cant sell it m because I have loaned it, then what ? Laughable . Who edits those guys ?
U.S. opens $500 million fund for relatives of Boeing 737 MAX victims Jun 23, 2021 8:30AM ET
If its Boeing ,I aint goin !
The Stock Market May Have Bigger Things To Worry About Than Inflation Jun 11, 2021 5:08AM ET
Inflation expectations rolling over? Have you been following whats going on around the world ? Hhhhhmm. Lets revisit in few weeks. Rough ride ahead !
Tesla Trouble, Bitcoin Slips, G-7 Deal Opposition - What's Moving Markets Jun 08, 2021 5:58AM ET
Did you read the part about bitcoin and cryptos . Ladies and gentleman ;- your media thinks you are monrons and treat you as such. ( Golden age of fraud ).
Bitcoin May 29, 2021 9:40PM ET
You have a crystal ball ? How about 20000
Analysis: Retail investors learn to love the crypto rollercoaster May 21, 2021 10:12PM ET
There is a sucker born every minute in the markets !
Ethereum Tumbles 20% In Rout May 21, 2021 10:05PM ET
You mean 20% decline in onevday is not a Rout? 50% from the top in 10 days is not Rout? Lol
Boeing Gains on Report It Plans New 737 MAX Output Jump In Late-2022 May 21, 2021 9:49AM ET
Those two accidemts led to thr death of 356 people die to thr complete negligence on Boeing part. Why wouldnt you memtion the deaths part ? Hello ?
U.S. delays trading ban on Chinese-military linked securities May 18, 2021 3:18PM ET
Well, there was the korean war 1950-1953 :)
Wall Street Opens Higher as Retail Sales Fail to Frighten; Dow up 220 Pts May 14, 2021 10:03AM ET
Believe in the lord my friend :)
SpaceX accepts dogecoin as payment to launch lunar mission next year May 09, 2021 6:37PM ET
Misk ;- The poster child of our current golden age of fraud .
Bitcoin Apr 23, 2021 4:35AM ET
Why not $22000 , 11000, 1000 ? What decides the number?not a store of value, CLEARLY, not a medium of exchange , CLEARLY, run by whales with very questionable backgrounds in unregulated markets. Lol
As Suga heads to U.S., Japanese stocks with ties to China take a beating Apr 15, 2021 8:10AM ET
Poorly analysed article. Ignore completely
U.S. Jobless Claims Fell to Lowest in a Year as Rebound Gathers Momentum Mar 25, 2021 9:16AM ET
you cant fool all the people all the time !
NASA completes major test on rocket that could take humans back to the moon Mar 18, 2021 1:51PM ET
The so called moderaters will not let my comment filter through !
Tesla Down 2.6% As Competition Looms, Fund Manager Warns Mar 17, 2021 8:05AM ET
Hope springs eternal mate, better not fall on love woth the stock..get out while you still can !
Trump proposes new voting limits, rails against "monster" voting rights bill Mar 01, 2021 12:15AM ET
Surprised that he wasnt awarded a obel peace prize. Lol
Bitcoin is the 8th largest asset in the world, ahead of Alibaba Jan 06, 2021 3:33PM ET
The golden age of fraud
Bitcoin is the 8th largest asset in the world, ahead of Alibaba Jan 06, 2021 3:32PM ET
The gooden age of fraud
StockBeat: Norway Gives a Sobering Look Into Tesla's Future Jan 05, 2021 7:13AM ET
What is it then?