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yves newman

Joined: 27/01/20

Comments by yves newman
Bitcoin Jan 29, 2021 1:51PM ET
Elon Musk tried his best but its clear that the fiat mafia won't allow this to go further. As soon as the markets close and the US manipulation is put to rest watch it take off
CurrencyWorks Jan 28, 2021 8:45AM ET
I live the potential of this company but I would like to see their management be more aggressive by pursuing a S&P 500 company to produce tokens
Mullen Automotive Jan 22, 2021 7:51AM ET
Back up that Brinks truck please💸💸
Asia shares turn lower as recovery concerns resurface Jan 15, 2021 8:24AM ET
Your comment is more credible than the entire article
HIVE Blockchain Jan 12, 2021 4:08PM ET
What's the deal with this stock? Continues to underperform despite the most bullish market ever in its industry. Can anyone explain why? They are suppose to be one of the biggest miners out there but are getting smashed everyday
Bitcoin Jan 10, 2021 11:10PM ET
Kelvin that make you a follower and a person lacking confidence. Buffet doesn't invest on your behalf and you must have a lot of money considering it might double by the time that never happens. I'm not betting on senior citizens to be in or crypto, listen to Chamath
Bitcoin Jan 10, 2021 10:59PM ET
There are way too many trolls on here to possibly deter anyone with confidence to turn away from this. If you don't believe in bitcoin go comment somewhere else. If you are serious you will regret listening to any of the opinions that take today as a possible turning point. People much smarter than most people here and myself are buying bitcoin at these prices. Buy if you can because you will regret it when it goes to 100k
Bitcoin Jan 10, 2021 10:52PM ET
Someone with more money than you and a long term vision. No hate but this market has just started to heat up and 5k is not a big loss
Bitcoin Jan 10, 2021 10:46PM ET
Nobody has commented on how the Japanese markets are totally closed today due to holidays. You don't have to be a genius to figure thats a lot of volume that would have been traded during these hours. Not many people can afford to buy things that cost 40k but the Japanese market easily can. Just wait until London opens then you can get your consensus
Beam Global Jan 04, 2021 1:57PM ET
Wow! What a healthy correction {{e:f09f9882}} I have been waiting for this stock to go down for a couple of weeks now so that I could buy and it finally got a reality check because it ran up way too quickly. I would never sell this stock until it is well over $100, for all of you holding this through the losses keep this amazing stock it will reep boundless rewards moving toward.
Novavax Dec 22, 2020 10:47AM ET
This stock is not getting anymore of my money 😒 On a day like today where everything is green...joke
Airbnb Dec 10, 2020 12:26PM ET
Absolutely right. The stock market this year has reached an all-time heights of greed and lies. Evaluation don't matter at all even if the company tells people they will lose your money next quarter
Novavax Dec 01, 2020 7:34AM ET
Where is King Hall??? Some of you need to put respect on Justin's name lol. He has proven so many dummies wrong. I started doubling my position months back when he was all over NVAX. It has grown to over 35% of my portfolio. Thanks bro 👍{{e:f09f9881}}
Biden close to White House victory as he builds leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia Nov 06, 2020 1:36PM ET
Snowflake indeed 😨 . This election has been a total embarrassment when it come to America as the global leader. The world is watching and is waiting the biggest sore-loser President to leave office. All I've seen is division from Americans on every forum, you guys need to get it together...doesn't matter if you're black or white; MJ was right.
Inovio Oct 29, 2020 2:14PM ET
This stock is a hot pile of doggy avoiding the stench of it😤
Nikola Oct 27, 2020 11:01PM ET
If the Badger ends up like the new Hummer this company is in good hands. I was blown away by the new commercial GM put out and it looks amazing👍👍
Direxion Daily S P Oil Gas Exp Bull Oct 14, 2020 3:16PM ET
This stock is a love-hate relationship. It follows no fundamentals or principally sticm to what its suppose to do. Today its biggest position (Concho) up above $4 all day and gush didnt even scratch 2 dollars in returns, its supppose to 2x the daily fat lie. Buyers beware, you're either in or completely out dont get burned trading this stock
Mullen Automotive Oct 14, 2020 1:39PM ET
You're welcome my friends. We might be onto Tesla's truest rival before they go viral. Lets hope for good news
Plug Power Oct 14, 2020 4:33AM ET
You're totally right. We are at least 10 years away from conversion to hydrogen and electricity. The pandemic needs to clear out and oil, airlines and financials will have the biggest rally
Virgin Galactic Holdings Oct 12, 2020 3:55PM ET
Absolutely! Right there with you, I would love to even see $15. This stock is such a rollercoaster people should always buckle up for a rough ride
Eastman Kodak Oct 12, 2020 5:04AM ET
me too
Alto Ingredients Oct 03, 2020 10:55PM ET
Are you not entertained??? Be gladiators in this battle and load up before earnings
Mullen Automotive Oct 01, 2020 7:59AM ET
This stock's biggest problem is the looming lawsuits over its reverse SPAC merger with Mullen Technology. Buy now and hold long especially this quarter as it is a sure thing this company by next year will be an active and attractive player in the EV market
Nikola Oct 01, 2020 7:22AM ET
Bro stop whining like Whiney the Pooh...the company is going to survive and people can make back their money
Biden goes on attack on Trump's handling of coronavirus in fiery debate Sep 29, 2020 3:40PM ET
Bro your on that Texas bull**** when it comes to the reality that he doesnt deserve to be the president, everybody knew it back in 2016 and now with the pandemic and his political mishandlings around the world have only further alientated him.