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Luis Piu

Joined: 19/01/20

Comments by Luis Piu
Stellar Lumens BTC Jan 30, 2021 6:01PM ET
i Will Bet at this pair
Ethereum Jan 25, 2021 7:43AM ET
1470 Next houre
Ethereum Euro Jan 25, 2021 6:59AM ET
1h chart 1204 resistence
Bitcoin Jan 25, 2021 6:32AM ET
if pas 35900 maybe
Ethereum Jan 23, 2021 2:58PM ET
need pass 1270 first tham may go new hight
Ethereum Euro Jan 23, 2021 1:23PM ET
almost there
Ethereum Euro Jan 23, 2021 12:32PM ET
sory i talk in usd
Ethereum Euro Jan 23, 2021 12:29PM ET
i think soon go up to 1270+/- lets see if brake resistence or fall again
Ethereum Jan 23, 2021 3:23AM ET
i would sell at resist price and buy again at support
Ethereum Jan 22, 2021 10:22AM ET
buy buy sell buy buy :)
XYO Jun 15, 2020 7:37AM ET
is folling down! idk what is better to happen, fall for better mining or grow for big profit
DASH/BTC Mar 09, 2020 5:30AM ET
i think now its bullish time
S&P 500 Futures Feb 25, 2020 8:36AM ET
i Belive 3200- today but im rdy for Edge
S&P 500 Futures Feb 25, 2020 8:29AM ET
was mutch better if we all healp each other whithout fight!
S&P 500 Futures Feb 25, 2020 4:32AM ET
my opinion is 3200- today
NVIDIA Feb 19, 2020 10:56AM ET
its is possibel 320?
GBP/USD Feb 17, 2020 12:06PM ET
need go little Lower befor up
GBP/USD Feb 17, 2020 11:05AM ET
bull time :)
BTC/USD Feb 15, 2020 5:48AM ET
Mornoning ppl dos now its time for go down?
EUR/USD Feb 14, 2020 2:27PM ET
longue time is for go little down, i think
NVIDIA Feb 14, 2020 11:08AM ET
time to go down
DOGE/BTC Feb 13, 2020 4:51PM ET
i can t evan found this at my list
NVIDIA Feb 13, 2020 4:26PM ET
hope you right whit that number il be close to be rich to {{e:f09f9881}}
EUR/USD Feb 13, 2020 11:36AM ET
letrs go down again!
NVIDIA Feb 11, 2020 1:06PM ET
ya i hope 300 after report