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Brian Brown

Joined: 30/11/19


What motivates you to be a trader?
Capitalism ensures that earning by physical work as an employee will never yield great such, I must aspire to not work but deploy capital to compel the productivity of others (since a lack of capital is the only motivation to work for a living in capitalism).
What have you determined to be your goal(s) for trading?
Get enough money to start my own enterprises where I can pay my self properly for actual work.
How much time each day you dedicate to trading?
Depends. I work 80hr weeks June-Nov,and 40-60hrs a week Dec-Feb with 0 hrs/wk March-May.
Which kind of returns do you expect to make?
I'm going to quit if I can't break 20% apr on +25k with daytrading status.
What is your trading methodology?
I like using techincals on top of fundamentals and social. I am uninformed about other people's technical methodologies and do not use algo's other than RSI and MACD.
What is your daily pre-market (before trading) routine?
Drink coffee and decide entry/exit or not.
What is the best thing about trading?
Its more likely to get me ahead due strictly to my intellect over actual employment and allows me to avoid being around a lot of people. I also like to engage my intellect over coffee in the morning.
What is the most important lesson that you have learned in your trading?
Fear and greed are indeed your greatest barriers outside of a decent understanding of techincals, fundamentals, and social.