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Jobless Claims, Online Gambling, Fintech: 3 Things to Watch Apr 08, 2021 12:56AM ET
Jobless Claims, Online Gambling, Fintech: 3 Things to Watch Apr 08, 2021 12:53AM ET
Will likely triple this year
Jobless Claims, Online Gambling, Fintech: 3 Things to Watch Apr 08, 2021 12:51AM ET
ANALYTIXINSIGHT(ALY/ATIXF) is best unknow fintech/AI right now
Congressional Democrats, White House still at impasse over coronavirus bill Aug 01, 2020 12:54PM ET
Just ask powell to keep the printer on? Dems might as well ask for gold toilet paper from trumls house
Day Ahead: 3 Things to Watch for July 2 Jul 01, 2020 4:56PM ET
The world isnt ending. Sorry to those that wish it was just out if spite and hate for the president. Sure he looks and talks like a duck but if you believe puppet biden is any better your fooling yourself
Genius Brands International Inc Jun 03, 2020 7:31PM ET
Stocks make cautious gains as U.S.-China frictions slow recovery rally Jun 01, 2020 11:26PM ET
Markets wont see significant drop unless fed slows or stops money flow. No real pressure on the stocks ppl have already identified as “pandemic proof”. The age of spin indeed DC
Point/Counterpoint: Value Vs. Growth May 30, 2020 10:41AM ET
Nothing last forever. Patience is always rewarded. Overvalued and unjustifiable premiums for shopify and zoom to name a few will end when theyre shown to be what they truly are. And thats Just ok stocks used as holdings for big money
Point/Counterpoint: Are Negative U.S. Interest Rates a Good Idea? May 16, 2020 1:41PM ET
Where was the point for neg IRs?? Lol bad writing too much opinion
Point/Counterpoint: U.S. Stock Bulls Vs. Bears May 10, 2020 11:05AM ET
Time is now for wealthy to do their part not run to private islands like scared b*****s
MercadoLibre May 07, 2020 9:14PM ET
I havent sold anything yet either going to be 1k by next ER
MercadoLibre May 07, 2020 9:12PM ET
O ya!
MercadoLibre May 06, 2020 12:26AM ET
This gonna hit 1k by next ER
MercadoLibre May 05, 2020 4:38PM ET
Told yall!!!!!!!!
MercadoLibre May 01, 2020 12:01PM ET
MercadoLibre May 01, 2020 8:25AM ET
Options market flooded with calls at and above 700 should be ok
MercadoLibre May 01, 2020 7:12AM ET
I have 3 words that confirm they beat on ER...Cinco de mayo...enough said
MercadoLibre May 01, 2020 6:48AM ET
They made a huge a investment in mexico last year and now they moved their ER date to cinco de mayo. What else you need? Hand written letter saying we beat it? Lol
MercadoLibre Apr 22, 2020 9:21AM ET
MercadoLibre Apr 22, 2020 9:21AM ET
Apparently susquehanna does do research LOL if their marketplace in danger of shortsge they wouldnt of JUST OPENED ANOTHER MARKETPLACE IN ARGENTINA! Contrarian call I guess is motive?
MercadoLibre Apr 22, 2020 6:59AM ET
PT back up to $820 by HSBC
MercadoLibre Apr 21, 2020 8:19PM ET
Someone bought 9mil worth of stock after hours so now I KNOW 100% they beat the earnings est LOL thought I had alot invested till I saw that. Hoping my return is 9mil tho {{e:f09f989c}}
MercadoLibre Apr 21, 2020 6:55PM ET
O ya thats great! Analysts have no clue what kind of sales to expect. I think this 1Q report is going to be huge surprise to most ppl
MercadoLibre Apr 21, 2020 6:13PM ET
Wow that is awesome news! Thats the kind of news that is making AMZN go up and yet because theres no posting links of this ANY WALL STREET trading app/site, stock isnt going to up till after the earnings that I’m now sure are going to beat est. So that just started in argentina this week? Or a few weeks ago?
MercadoLibre Apr 21, 2020 6:00PM ET
Eh I took 3 yrs in high school but a bit rusty will try to read it thanks! Was wondering how the media coverage is in mexico and south america, you live outside U.S.?