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James Franigan

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Comments by James Franigan
Tesla Aug 14, 2022 5:33AM ET
Elon f***s someones wife TSLA goes up. Elon tweetes a ***pic while high TSLA goes up. Elon insults POTUS TSLA goes up. Elon gets sued TSLA goes up. Tesla produces less cars TSLA goes up. SPACEX launches a rocket TSLA goes up. Elon buys Bitcoin TSLA goes up. Elon sells Bitcoin TSLA goes up…..
Canoo Aug 14, 2022 5:24AM ET
I think this company is a scam, and the walmart deal will never happen. I actually read the SEC filing and the Walmart contract. Walmart has no obligation to buy anything. Their other order about some Amazon delivery partner was even more of a sham. The company actually put on their wrbsite that they hav no contract with Canoo and they have no ability to but that many vans. This is why everyone is shorting this. The problem is the shorts will get squeezed with mor sleezy press releases and you end up being right for the wrong reasons
Pre-Open Movers: Musk Says He is Done Selling Tesla Shares, Trade Desk Surges Aug 11, 2022 9:25AM ET
There has to be repercussions from all the bull**** Elon tweets
AMTD Digital Aug 10, 2022 12:15PM ET
If anyone was dumb enough to trade this, they only have themselves to blame
Trump uses FBI search of his Mar-a-Lago home to solicit campaign donations Aug 09, 2022 10:05PM ET
Shame on us. US is now a banana republic
Twitter Rejects Musk's Fraud Accusations Aug 05, 2022 10:04AM ET
Its about time someone showed Elon that his army of followers don’t translate to anything in court
AMTD Digital Aug 05, 2022 8:30AM ET
If this is not proof that the whole market is a Casino, I dont know what is
Lordstown Motors Aug 02, 2022 10:56AM ET
This garbage is being run up leading to a press release then offering.
AMTD Digital Aug 01, 2022 12:17PM ET
Another sign that this market is a Casino. They will take your money
AMTD Digital Jul 31, 2022 10:35AM ET
This is just silly. Its not funny anymore.
Mullen Automotive Jul 12, 2022 1:44PM ET
The Amazon partner that is supposed to buy 600 vans from these guys has 10 employees !!!!
Mullen Automotive Jul 12, 2022 1:43PM ET
If you read the short report by Hindenburg: it says the whole thing is a fraud and everything they say is just to pump the stock so they can sell. Get out on the next pump and don’t look back
Mullen Automotive Jun 30, 2022 12:24PM ET
Total fraud, should go to $0
Alzamend Neuro Jun 30, 2022 12:23PM ET
Another fraud, insiders cashed out when anything Alzheimer was hot
Mullen Automotive Jun 22, 2022 10:48AM ET
Garbage in garbage out
Mullen Automotive Jun 17, 2022 11:30AM ET
Its going to join Russel 2000 index on 6/28. Everyone is buying now to sell then. Garbage company and complete fraud.
Cryptyde Jun 01, 2022 5:52AM ET
Enochian Biosciences May 31, 2022 8:09PM ET
The founder is in Jail for ****** Why is this not $0.00?
Mullen Automotive May 31, 2022 8:04PM ET
So these scam artists made a battery that everyone is trying to build with$1 million in R&D !!!!
'His Personality Suggests Resolution Depends on Him Alone': Jefferies Discusses Elon Musk, Cuts PT on Tesla on Increased Risk Profile May 26, 2022 11:16AM ET
Original meme stock, bad news it goes up, good news it goes up, Space X launch it goes up, Elon/Amber pics it goes up, Elon tweets sitting on toilet it goes up. Conclusion: stay away!
Nikola May 18, 2022 11:07AM ET
Are people seriously buying this proven fraud?
Sphere 3D May 18, 2022 10:41AM ET
It should go to 10 cents after their offering
Mullen Automotive May 18, 2022 10:39AM ET
This piece of garbage should get delisted
Core Scientific May 18, 2022 10:38AM ET
This is what you get when you release all those shares and get rid of lock up
Lordstown Motors May 18, 2022 10:37AM ET
Finally this piece of garbage is being pumped