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Chad johnson

Joined: 25/03/19

Comments by Chad johnson
U.S. 10Y Feb 15, 2022 2:43AM ET
Time to long the banks
U.S. 10Y Feb 07, 2022 11:50AM ET
Done for the day. buying facebook and paypal here markets will bounce hard
S&P 500 VIX Futures Jan 09, 2022 6:10PM ET
Its time again. just like the start of 2020s expect crash although it wont be near as bad but bad enough
U.S. 10Y Jan 03, 2022 10:24AM ET
Its not the 1.6 its because how fast it went up
Macy’s Inc Nov 19, 2021 12:05PM ET
Easiest Short of my career here. Going in right now from 35.90
S&P 500 VIX Nov 18, 2021 12:50PM ET
Here comes the beast dont underestimate the moves under this volatility can easily retrace the whole day gains back
S&P 500 VIX Futures Nov 17, 2021 11:40PM ET
going to be an epic little bounce soon
Apple Nov 17, 2021 4:13PM ET
Everyone knows the market recovered way to fast from last months correction and its enavitable for close to if not a "limit down" day to begin a multi week decline with small pullups
Apple Nov 17, 2021 4:10PM ET
Grats if you secured profits its going to be one *******of a ugly night. I just got a real bad feeling the market is ready to have one of those -500 points pure gap down days
Apple Nov 17, 2021 3:16PM ET
Lol man... im quite sure nobody is going to want to remember tomorrow.
Apple Nov 17, 2021 3:13PM ET
well well. 3.2m Spy Puts expiring friday at this moment 1.3m calls. No the knowledge of knowing the market is at extremely euphoric levels lol
Apple Nov 17, 2021 1:19PM ET
pretty convincing bounce on the vix. Volatility in the vix picked up swiftly easy gap up in the vix in about 15mins
Apple Nov 17, 2021 1:16PM ET
yes in january after another 8% pullback
Apple Nov 17, 2021 1:00PM ET
dont be the fool who waits for 2 days of red before they start to liquidate
Shopify Inc Nov 12, 2021 2:56PM ET
going short here at 52week resistance
U.S. 10Y Nov 11, 2021 4:34PM ET
i think about 3 hours from now around 8pm est
U.S. 10Y Nov 11, 2021 4:28PM ET
Anticipating a significant rate spike tonight sending bank stocks soaring tomorrow
Apple Nov 11, 2021 11:35AM ET
buy citigroup or other undervalued banks thank me later
ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures Sep 24, 2021 11:38AM ET
No brainer buy here. Super eerie feeling about this market its startng to act like it used to before a imminent pullback
ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures Sep 22, 2021 3:46PM ET
no brainer buy here
Nasdaq 100 Futures Aug 31, 2021 9:39PM ET
Time to crash...tonight is the night. the 10 year has bounced strong already in overnight trade
Nasdaq Aug 31, 2021 1:34PM ET
Monthly candle rsi at 81... and it closes and starts a new one tomorrow. Flush coming tomorrow mark it boys.
Nasdaq 100 Futures Aug 31, 2021 12:49AM ET
This bull rally has came to a snail crawl. Rug pull feels so certain over the next 48 hours or so. There is also a crazy amount of puts open interest for friday expire 9/3 put to call ratio=5.6 / 1 . Scary i must say :e
S&P 500 VIX Futures Aug 29, 2021 8:28PM ET
S&P 500 Futures Aug 29, 2021 8:25PM ET
Short here thank me tomorrow morning. Dollar and yields are set to bounce. No gap down on yields on open 20mins ago very telling. Permbulls just stay in your bull positions no worries.