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Rich Piano (Piano5pctCapital)

Joined: 18/03/19

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SHOOOOOOOOP......AHHHHHHHH! Oh hi there, I was just finishing benching this 500 lbs supercycletridropset while locking in a little scalp trade. Welcome to Rich Piano's 5 % Capital. We grow our capital like we grow our pecs - and let me tell ya, we get some good yield, right babe? Guaranteed 5 % return on investment.



Indicators Used:    Arms Index (TRIN) , Mass Index, Weighted, Volume (All Opts, Calls, Puts, Avg, Dn, Osc, ROC, Ratio, Up, UpDn)


Favorite Trading Books:    The Intelligent Ingestor - Quick, Healthy Meals for when you're Shorting the National Mortgage Bubble
Favorite Trading Magazines:    Magazines are for pansies! Books are heavier = Bigger biceps. Protect gainz while growing your brainz.