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Marshall Hiepler

Joined: 22/02/19

Comments by Marshall Hiepler
Oil Prices Turn Higher After Bullish U.S. Inventory Data Jun 19, 2019 12:03PM ET
Is anyone surprised by this data?After all, its summertime, and consumers are going to be travelling to their various vacation destinations. Of course the prices will go up. Profits will too. Cudos to those who invested in oil in the recent weeks. You're about to make a crude profit.
Trade War Hurting Now? ‘Dr. Copper’ Warned Us Early Jun 18, 2019 8:32AM ET
The most interesting man in the world once stated: "I don't always invest in copper ... but, when I do; I always purchase when it is in a slump, because then it has nowhere to go but up." Day Traders will disagree, but I am not a Day Trader. Those with the ability to wait for a handsome return in mid-2020, will see this "problem" as an opportunity. (As are most problems, once we view them from a "can do" perspective.)
As The World Awaits OPEC Cuts, It’s Iran (And Japan's Abe) That May Surprise Jun 12, 2019 7:52AM ET
The complexities of factors in the matter insure the impossibility for an accurate prediction of tomorrow's events; let alone the overall outcome. Opinions will become more plentiful than crude, in the weeks to come, but only hindsight will be able to paint a clear picture of this one. However, if history is able to shed any light on what is to come, it would appear likely that oil will tumble further by the end of trading on Friday.
Oil Bears, Still Excited? Look Out For The ‘V’ Sign Jun 07, 2019 6:40AM ET
Volatility in the markets is good! It is the reason that anyone makes any money at all. Without it, the market would grind to a halt, stagnate, dry up, and ********away. The challenge then, regardless of ones' trading style, is to comprehend the factors that drive said volatility. When all data, analysis, and predictions have been weighed, there remains the wild-card that defies logic. It is called "human nature"; perhaps better described as emotional trading. Take the tendency for traders to "take profits before the weekend", as was mentioned in this article. One has to question this human behavior pattern. Are we to assume that traders need weekend beer money? Hardly. Regardless of the illogical reasons for trading patterns, one thing remains constant decade after decade; "What goes up, must come down." and vise versa. Bearing this ever in mind, is the core strategy of every successful trader. Patience is key, and has been far longer than any of us have been playing the game
Stock - Wall Street Surges on Powell's Promises Jun 04, 2019 9:51PM ET
And that's the beauty of it all. Fear causes the mass exidus, thus driving prices down. The savy investor waits patiently, cash in hand. Later, when market fears subside, stock prices rise again, and the savy investor sells those stocks back to the same folks that sold them at a loss weeks earlier. Its as if they were out on a cigarette break, when the instructor taught the chapter on "How To Profit". But, what can you do? Its not as if you can simply tell them how to do it correctly, and then the problem is solved. Some folks just insist on cashing out, everytime their stock value dips below their entry price. And that is what keeps the wheel turning, without ceasing. Ha.
Stock - Wall Street Surges on Powell's Promises Jun 04, 2019 9:34PM ET
Sounds like a recipe for financial disaster. A better plan would be to buy when stock prices are down, and to sell when they increase in value.
Stocks - Wall Street Sags on Tech Woes, Trade Jitters Jun 03, 2019 5:43PM ET
Don't forget that mass selling means an equal number of buyers.I wait patiently for times like these; cash in hand. All of the panick, worry, and doomsday speculation prompts many to sell at a loss, for fear of a greater loss. Meanwhile, when the stock prices dip low enough, my Buy Orders are filled at bargain prices. Interestingly too, I immediately set Sell Orders for those same stocks, at higher anticipated prices, several weeks from now.Why aren't more investors doing this? It was the very first investing lesson we were taught ... buy Low, sell High.Today is not a cause for depression ... its a cause for celebration, folks.
Top 5 Things to Know in the Market on Thursday May 31, 2019 7:10PM ET
"Provoking trade disputes is naked economic terrorism"? Well, how about this ... "Making insincere trade promises, is a Wolf Dressed In Sheep's Clothing."
China May factory activity shrinks more than expected as exports falter May 31, 2019 6:55PM ET
Well Paul, let us not forget to wear our protective Riot Gear as we state the obvious.The truth has become unpopular amongst the multitudes, and speaking it in a clear and concise manner has become virtually intolerable.
With Mexico Tariffs, Trump Goes A Step Further In Killing Oil Rally May 31, 2019 6:47PM ET
You make a good point, Titus. However, I suspect that your anticipated timeframe may be a bit exaggerated. The decline of global oil dependence will not be swift. There will certainly be a market recovery for oil investors who are patient. It may take six months or more, to see returns on those investments. But, in time, the transition from fossil fuels to electric based propulsion is bound to occur.
Stocks - Wall Street Tumbles; Trump's Mexico Tariffs up Toxic Trade Fears May 31, 2019 6:34PM ET
Unfortunately Maurice, the logic of your thought process flies over the heads of most. But, I hear you. Trump is correcting problems that should have been handled by the past half-dozen presidents. Society has become so accustomed to economic chaos today, that they blame those who are willing to fix it. Seriously, a monkey could see that a 25% tariff on Chinese imports would "level the playing field" for American manufacturing to compete with cheap imports. And a half-witted monkey could see that Mexico needs to solve its own mass exodus problem. Ah, but I speak in tongues that the world comprehendeth not.
With Mexico Tariffs, Trump Goes A Step Further In Killing Oil Rally May 31, 2019 7:08AM ET
Well, I agree that the impact on Oil Stocks is troublesome. Unlike some of the disassociated onlookers; I personally have been watching my Oil portfolio dwindle to the tune of nearly a grand in USD each week.But, its not about me, or other investors in the oil markets. The fact is, that somebody needed to take-on these neglected issues that have gone unchecked for decades. Yes, I do wish that trade adjustments with China could put an end to unequal export profits ... and to simultaneously pad my oil holdings. But, the long term gains for US manufacturing is worth my temporary discomforts. And, given a choice between paying for a boarder wall with my federal tax dollars, or prompting Mexico to address the problem proactively ... I guess I'm going to opt for the latter. I am not here to win a popularity contest. However, I do believe that the benefits for the many, outweigh the impositions for the few; myself being included in both those catagories.
China May factory activity shrinks more than expected as exports falter May 30, 2019 10:20PM ET
Here is what is not being talked about in the medias: All China needs to do, to "erase" all of the Trade War economic reprocussions that have escalated in the past weeks ... is to re-promise what they agreed to previously. Of course, it would need to be an honest agreement, backed by fair and mutually beneficial enforcement measures. And therein, my friends, lies the problem. It is easier to agree to a thing, than to agree to be held accountable to that agreement.
Stocks - S&P Slumps as China's Rare-Earth Threat Buries Shares May 30, 2019 11:42AM ET
I think he was being sarcastic. My decision to respond as though he was sincere, was a bit sarcastic as well.
Stocks - Wall Street Bounces Back in Break From Trade-Induced Selloff May 30, 2019 10:33AM ET
Pending Home Sales analysis provides an indication of the strength of the US dollar? I've got a better analysis: As the working class grows increasingly inept at managing their incomes, less able to utilize self control in their spending habits, and more often than not ... living paycheck to paycheck with little or no savings (note: un-tapped credit card limit is not the same as "savings") the ability for middle class workers to purchase a home is pushed beyond their finacial horizon. Thus, home sales falter, while rentals flourish. I always advise others to save and invest their money, and to purchase a home, rather than renting one. However, make no mistake about it ... I own rental units, and I make money when Pending Home Sales data is poor. Knowing how to wisely invest ones' money, is not the same as having a desire to do so. Hence, the thriving rental income, when the "dollar is down". The US dollar is driven by a lack of social self control. Sadly, no one cares.
Stocks - S&P Slumps as China's Rare-Earth Threat Buries Shares May 29, 2019 6:03PM ET
Looks like you've been studying the rules of the game.
Stocks - S&P Slumps as China's Rare-Earth Threat Buries Shares May 29, 2019 6:01PM ET
Well said.The victiry lap always displays the differences between the Whiners and the Winners.
Stocks - S&P Slumps as China's Rare-Earth Threat Buries Shares May 29, 2019 5:57PM ET
Yes, its called investing. However, China does not hold all of the rights to rare earth mineral mining. There are other sources for what is needed. As always, changes in previous patterns of fulfillment denote temporary setbacks and losses in the short term. But, if the childish *****for Tat reactions are prolonged, China has much to lose. Imagine the trillions that have been invested in the mining rights over the past few decades. Then, imagine new sources and alternate means of fulfilling manufacturing needs for those minerals. The long term impact on returns from Chinese investments could be the loss of key export contracts with US manufacturers and their subsidiaries. These export contracts may not be easily regained, if the new suppliers establish long-term business relations with the US. It might even require additional price reductions, which could spur unwanted supply competition. No matter how you slice it, it comes up "Less Profitable" in the months ahead.
Stocks - S&P Slips as Trump Sparks Fears of Prolonged Trade War May 29, 2019 6:19AM ET
The test to determine those who understand the global economies, and those who don't, is actually rather simple. The truth is ... those who comprehend world economics are smiling and making money in the markets. Whereas, those who are bewildered by world economies, are complaining about their financial woes. There is no time like the present, to change ones' approach, and to join the Winner's Circle. The only factors that bar ones' membership, are: resentment, and unwillingness to adapt to changes. A wise man once defined insanity as: "Repeating the same approach, yet expecting a different outcome."
Trump’s U-Turn On Iran Policy Spells Big Trouble For Oil Bulls May 29, 2019 6:04AM ET
Speculation about Trump's underlying intentions provides us with something to do, to bide our time, while waiting for oil prices to rise again. The 2020 election is still a ways off yet, and the market slumps further. Woe to those, who lack patience. A hasty decision to cash-out, would spell losses. Might as well get comfortable, and enjoy the wait. Sometimes, there simply is no Plan B in the works.
Stocks - S&P Slips as Trump Sparks Fears of Prolonged Trade War May 28, 2019 4:37PM ET
It is sad, how little most Americans understand about the trade war, and global economies. Many see Trump as the enemy, who is wrecking US/China business relations. Far from it. The past half-dozen American leaders needed to do what Trump is doing, but lacked the backbone to do so. Yes, change requires a period of adjustment, but the USA will benefit for many, many years to come, once the dust settles. Our children thank you, Mr. Trump.
Commodities Week Ahead: Oil Bulls Count On Gasoline; Gold/USD Wrestle Over Brexit May 28, 2019 11:28AM ET
A successful investor knows that the stock market has its ups and downs. Indeed, if it were not so; no trading could commence. Learning to adapt to the "untimely" ups and downs, plays a key role in determining how successful an investor will be. Personally, I place Buy or Sell Orders (sometimes weeks or months in advance) in anticipation of market fluctuations. When the market behaves poorly, my orders are filled and I accumulate shares. Likewise, when the bulls run wild, I profit from decisions made well in advance. I always have the option to cancel a standing order, and buy and sell at will. But I have learned that "Patience" is the successful investors' most valuable attribute.
Why The Trade War Won't Sink The Stock Market May 24, 2019 10:28AM ET
Good luck with choosing one, Zoltan. All of the reasons that you mention seem like worthy candidates to lead the rest. When faced with such a multiple choice question, I've found it helpful over the years to select "D" (All of the Above)
Is The Oil Crash From Trade War A ‘Bonus’ Or Something Trump Planned All Along? May 24, 2019 8:39AM ET
To be dismayed that Trump is willing to throw away 6 months of negotiations ... is to believe that the "progress" was real. Chinese back-peddling illustrates the difference between words of promise, and actions of value. The stumbling block occurred when the terms of enforcement were put on the table. It would seem that Trump is responding to empty promises, with forewarned consequences.
HP Enterprise Climbs Midday After $1.3B Cray Deal May 17, 2019 12:50PM ET
Thank you for that.You have managed to win global respect for your words of genius.