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Barani Krishnan

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Author’s note: As an analyst at, my role is to present
readers with all the variables in the marketplace that I’m aware of,
which could impact the price discovery for a commodity. Since I came
onboard in 2018, I have strived to do this to the best of my ability, and
I know this to be generally true as well with my colleagues. The
commentary field below the articles we write is meant to be a
feedback forum, which when used well could lead to a dynamic
exchange of information between us and the visitors to It isn’t always possible for the writer and reader to be
in agreement on something. When there is a divergence in views, the
debate should stick to the merits of the article. To me, courtesy is a
two-way street and my response is always commensurate with how I
was approached. Many of my colleagues do not engage in debate
with their readers and often suffer undeserved abuse for the work
they do. I believe a healthy exchange of ideas is important as I should
be able to stand up for what I have written versus the input from the
reader. I assure you: I will respond, and the response will be
proportionate to your approach. It has been a pleasure serving you
the past three years and I look forward to a continued relationship.