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State of Art Equity Research

Joined: 17/02/19


What motivates you to be a trader? Founded in 2021, State-of-Art Invest is an actively-managed fund that invests primarily in American and Chinese Equity securities of disruptive innovative companies. We define "disruptive innovation" as the introduction of a technologically enabled new product or service that can potentially change the way the world works.
What have you determined to be your goal(s) for trading?
The fund aims to deliver long term growth through the selection of companies that we believe have the strongest value propositions and that we expect to be market leaders in the future. We think that technological improvements will have major positive effects on people's lives and business activity, from improved quality of life throughout the automation of tedious and repetitive tasks, to increased productivity through the use of intelligent robots and shared technology, safer and faster financial transactions thanks to Blockchain Technology, increased advertising efficiency through targeted ADS, increased cybersecurity through Artificial Intelligence.
Which kind of returns do you expect to make?
We are dedicated to finding those outstanding companies that have the potential to appreciate ten-fold, once called ten-bagger companies by legendary investment manager Peter Lynch.
What is your trading methodology?
We aim for long term growth of capital, allowing us to focus on businesses rather than the stock market and its short term price movements.. State-of-Art Invest's portfolio focuses solely on certain business activities within the theme of disruptive innovation. Those fields are the ones we believe will be game changers. We also expect the emergence of an ecosystem around those activities. Our team has built an expertise in those areas throughout time. ▪︎Shared Technology & Infrastructure ▪︎Cybersecurity ▪︎Artificial Intelligence ▪︎Automation Transformation & Robotics ▪︎Next Generation AD Companies ▪︎Financial Technology ▪︎Internet of Things ▪︎Electric Mobility ▪︎Renewable Energy ▪︎Genomic Revolution