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Dan Cappy

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Comments by Dan Cappy
Dogecoin Sep 13, 2022 4:41AM ET
dry your tears and zoom out on the chart bud. Might not be so bad.
Dogecoin Aug 09, 2022 9:27PM ET
Just came back to refuel for its next trip. this time, to Mars... Watch. ;)
Is The Semiconductor Sector Signaling A Stock Market Turnaround? May 31, 2019 6:23AM ET
This article caused me to gently chuckle.
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 3:51AM ET
China super number one best! Haha... some of these comments on here sound like it's people from the Chinese government writing them. it's kinda funny
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 3:46AM ET
haha... think again. this isn't over at all. so if next week the US market is green and the Chinese in Europe market is red that means the US won? what kind of logic is that??
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 3:43AM ET
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 3:40AM ET
is that what you think it means? That is a very simple and foolish way to think. the trade war is far from over.
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 3:14AM ET
think back over the last several months. how many times was it sad a deal is about to be reached we have a deal we have a deal. The market goes up. Guess what never any deal. guys, don't jump to conclusions because the market goes up or down a little and it means this or that. it's a sure way to lose money quickly if that's how you trade or if that's how you think. get out of that pattern of thinking. it's just not true. this is not a pro us or pro China statement. it's just the truth.
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 3:12AM ET
the price action says nothing of the sort.
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 2:58AM ET
is that what that means? haha
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 2:57AM ET
um, all of almost a month and a half of gains we're wiped out in a matter of a few days. I think the market is allowed to go back up a little bit. relax everybody.
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 2:53AM ET
huh?? it does? don't see it.
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 2:48AM ET
no, people just get all hyper when they see the market going one way or another and jump to a bunch of conclusions. it's silliness. people who try to trade based on the news will lose their money quickly
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 2:45AM ET
do you guys seriously believe what you are saying? there's not going to be a deal reached either way in the next couple of days.
House Democrat weighs subpoena or court case for Trump's taxes May 10, 2019 2:41AM ET
says the dude writing a useless comment about the two dudes before him who wrote useless comments.
House Democrat weighs subpoena or court case for Trump's taxes May 10, 2019 2:41AM ET
says the dude writing a useless comment commenting on the guy writing a useless comment who may not even be at work. maybe he has the day off? hahaha
S&P 500 Futures May 10, 2019 2:32AM ET
why is anyone talking I'm about a crappy deal for the US and a good deal for China or a good deal for the US and a crappy deal for China? there is no deal! period. For anyone yet. what are you talking about??? people see the market move one way or another and are so fast to jumpp to conclusions and start talking a bunch of nonsense. calm down everybody
S&P 500 Mar 26, 2019 9:28PM ET
it's sometimes pretty easy to tell which ones are emotionally tied to a certain position bowl or a bear by their comments and how they talk. and I don't necessarily mean someone who is explaining why they feel like it is going in a certain direction. I'm just talkin about other ones who you can feel their emotion in it but how they say things in comments.
S&P 500 Mar 26, 2019 9:26PM ET
the best ones in the game are the ones who don't get emotionally tied to one side or another.
Despite report findings, almost half of Americans think Trump colluded with Russia: Reuters/Ipsos poll Mar 26, 2019 7:10PM ET
isn't it so glaringly obvious that liberal people and Democrats have turned this into a personal Vendetta against trump? It doesn't have anything to do with Justice or the truth as you can see by their reaction to the Mueller report. It's a personal hatred for Trump because he is not politically correct and he is not liberal therefore he is hated by them. so disingenuous and hypocritical. just think how differently they would react and how authoritative they would say the Mueller report is if he found that Trump colluded with Russia. But because it was shown that he did not, of course the report isn't accurate or there's some kind of conspiracy. how can anyone not look at this and not get the feel that this really is a Witch Hunt. It isn't about the truth it's just about a political take down and hatred for Trump as a person.
S&P 500 Futures Mar 24, 2019 6:25PM ET
wow, relax everyone it's not even the first half hour of open. Who knows where it will be 12 hours from now.
S&P 500 Futures Mar 23, 2019 8:40AM ET
if the Mueller report finds no collusion and basically in general that Trump is innocent, the markets might get a good bounce from that but I really doubt it's going to make it Skyrocket up past this last week's high. it would be a good opportunity to go short on that bounce imo
S&P 500 Futures Mar 18, 2019 8:28AM ET
if you go back and look at Itsy's calls before the market even opens, you will find he is surprisingly accurate. but I don't even know if there's any way to go back and do that. instead of putting someone down or disparaging someone because you don't like their confidence or see them as arrogant, instead be open and teachable and you might actually learn something. People who put other people down, call names, and come across as hateful, expose their own insecurities and lack of intelligence. Fella...