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Norman Nash

Joined: 21/10/18

Comments by Norman Nash
GoldMining Nov 22, 2022 10:56AM ET
What is going on with GLGD Eddie? Short covering?
Bitcoin Nov 09, 2022 11:18AM ET
If you are fearful, dont buy. If you are brave, perhaps buy. Storms dont last forever.
Gold Nov 09, 2022 11:04AM ET
As cryptos look weak, gold looks solid.
Gold Nov 09, 2022 9:12AM ET
Crypto investors will migrate to gold
Gold Nov 09, 2022 9:11AM ET
Social media and others will see a massive decline in employment. The fed has no choice but to pivot IMO
Bitcoin Nov 08, 2022 2:04PM ET
Fear rules ! Be brave!
Gold Nov 08, 2022 10:46AM ET
Where is Justin White???
Gold Nov 06, 2022 9:43PM ET
Yes said that last week before it was smashed down.
Gold Nov 06, 2022 6:36PM ET
I agree, target for Dollar is 108 with lower targets further out depending on time horizon. Wild card is the election results.
Gold Nov 04, 2022 10:46AM ET
Dollar may hit 108 on this slide before a renound
Gold Nov 03, 2022 10:30AM ET
I heard that. The fuse has been lit. Only question is how short is the fuse
Gold Nov 02, 2022 10:35AM ET
Yes growth in inflation!
Gold Nov 02, 2022 10:27AM ET
The economy ******* the market has lost trillions of value and the shorts are loving it. They claim the economy is strong. Such BS.
Gold Nov 01, 2022 9:53AM ET
Gold Nov 01, 2022 9:52AM ET
Central banks are increasing purchases if gold in larest reporting data
Gold Oct 28, 2022 10:44AM ET
Some indicators indicate bullish divergence forming on some time frames.
Gold Oct 28, 2022 10:25AM ET
To be followed by Mondays😖
Gold Oct 28, 2022 9:21AM ET
Wipe out of over 1 trillion in equity value in one week and the FED still needs to make it worse?
Gold Oct 21, 2022 9:03AM ET
Massive disinformation campaign by shorts being revealed
US 30Y T-Bond Futures Oct 21, 2022 8:47AM ET
Mo one wins in the end. This is a crisis happening in real time
Dollar Index Futures Oct 19, 2022 8:43AM ET
Dollar neg divergence
Gold Oct 14, 2022 10:52AM ET
There is no rational price behavior in any of the markets.
Dollar Index Futures Oct 13, 2022 12:08PM ET
Reversal is in. Go long gold and commodities
Dollar Index Futures Oct 13, 2022 11:50AM ET
Bullish *******off this morning. Time to reverse
Gold Oct 13, 2022 11:47AM ET
Shorts over played their hand. Does anyone feel sorry?