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'Quad' countries to agree on secure microchip supply chains-media Sep 19, 2021 9:26AM ET
don't forget the Taiwan
U.S. trade official called India's Mastercard ban 'draconian'-emails Sep 19, 2021 9:21AM ET
on one hand I understand need to keep citizens financial information from leaving the border but on the other hand it's the access to massive data that generates most profit in that industry.
Alibaba ADR Sep 16, 2021 7:43AM ET
the way the asset and stock ownership are setup for Chinese companies for foreign investors, I think china is on its way to make any investment in them worthless since we do not directly own the stocks. I am not sure there is any legal remedy for us. this can get much worse before it gets better.
City of Beijing Said to Seek Taking Didi Under State Control Sep 03, 2021 8:35AM ET
I realize there is big difference between the old nationalization of businesses and taking a minority stake, this is still really bad and stupid. plus whether the government takes a stake in companies or not, they effectively have control over them like these companies are already nationalized.
U.S. manufacturing activity rises; shortages linger Sep 01, 2021 9:24AM ET
I don't think these numbers change the tapering schedule. however if it was over 500k that would have made many in fed to be vocal about immediate tapering. overall I think the pace and timing of tapering should be kept predictable.
Chicos FAS Aug 31, 2021 11:47AM ET
the outlook for next few quarters is challenging. they won't get enough inventory to keep up with demand and higher inflation can lower their gross margin though I think will be able to raise poo rice much higher than the expected inflation so their gross margin could be higher than the forecast. it's the lack of inventory that will be big issue for all retailers including online retailers
U.S. Treasury says China private equity's Magnachip purchase poses security risks Aug 31, 2021 2:05AM ET
so pro-regulation and larger control of your life by the government.... do you hear yourself?
NetEase Plunges as China Caps Hours For Minors Playing Online Games Aug 30, 2021 7:31AM ET
that will end up weaning kids off from games and find another outlets
Oil settles up as U.S. producers, refiners assess storm damage Aug 30, 2021 7:27AM ET
refinary closure = less demand for crude and higher inventory
Moderna Aug 30, 2021 7:22AM ET
one pony show
U.S. intelligence community says cannot solve COVID mystery without China Aug 27, 2021 7:52PM ET
I would think it would be in china's best interest plus is there any international law about if started and spread from there that it would be responsible to compensate? if that was the case I think there is enough indirect evidence to hold it responsible
EUR/USD Aug 27, 2021 1:40PM ET
It's time to pivot from fiscal support, researchers tell Fed conference Aug 27, 2021 1:38PM ET
in advanced economies the fiscal policy is the domain of elected officials, they don't want to lose their jobs. I am not saying they will certainly lose in next election but it doesn't take much, at least in house elections.
Powell in the Hole, PC Warnings, China Regulation - What's Moving Markets Aug 27, 2021 9:32AM ET
current inflation has nothing to do with money supply or cost of money so I think whatever direction fed takes will be inconsequential. it is about the the supply chain issues that are going to linger. just look at the inventory numbers that came out today, it fell from 1% to 0.6% and store shelves are getting emptier
Amazon plans to open large physical retail stores in U.S. - WSJ Aug 19, 2021 7:57AM ET
why couldn't they manage the ones they already have like whole foods stores? or did they buy it to keep Kroger from taking over?
U.S. 10Y Aug 19, 2021 7:41AM ET
I think bond market priced in rate increase too much too soon and I think the yields are still too high under current scenerios. just look at the yields you can still get on taxable Muni bonds, especially if you have losses in other investment categories
Taliban keep some evacuees from reaching Kabul airport, as U.S. vows to finish airlift Aug 18, 2021 8:33AM ET
trump surrendered to Russians, north Korean, Chinese, Afghans but his surrender to Saudis will have the worst consequences
Western Digital Aug 12, 2021 4:59PM ET
price of all storage types expected to crash. there is over capacity that will need to be addressed by forcing deinvestmemts and possibly bankruptcies
Moderna Aug 11, 2021 1:47PM ET
this will go above $500
Firm controlled by founder cleared to set up Chinese cargo airline Aug 03, 2021 7:54AM ET
if he controls and launches a company will do business exclusively with, doesn't that create a conflict of interest at the expense of other shareholders of
Debt Ceiling Debacle Threatens Fireworks in U.S. Money Market Jul 21, 2021 8:38AM ET
you have it the opposite
U.S., Germany to vow action on Russia in Nord Stream 2 deal -sources Jul 21, 2021 12:06AM ET
we cannot allow this pipeline but Germany it's the Germany we are against. Germany sees this as an insurance for their energy security. I think this a temporary truce, if even that.
Virgin Galactic Holdings Jul 19, 2021 8:43AM ET
it has a very wealthy founder so it is supposed to have funding even in most dire times. I wouldn't count on it.I would suggest buy a put option first and if the price drops significant enough then buy the stock.