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Osher Deri

Joined: Oct 15, 2018
  • Analysis & Opinion

Osher Deri's Opinion & Analysis
A complete archive of Osher Deri's articles, including current analysis & opinion.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and trading requires a decent understanding of technical analysis and the discipline to master the emotions of fear and greed. Many people are content to be buy-and-hold...
{{|Bitcoin}}’s Rising Dominance Might Cause Altcoins to Bleed Out Beyond Rescue Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the market, it is the most valuable cryptocurrency by trading price and...
2017 was the year of ICOs, available stats suggest that the cryptocurrency industry raised as much as $5.6B across 435 successful projects. 2018 was a chilly crypto winter where the market lost much...
Crypto Prices Continue to Cool, But Basic Attention Token (BAT (LON:BATS)) Fires Upward with 40%+ SurgeThere’s no doubt that the past week hasn’t given cryptocurrency investors the bump...