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Richard Fortin

Joined: 30/09/18

Comments by Richard Fortin
Aziyo Jan 24, 2023 4:52PM ET
Get in before it hits 8$ and above!
S&P 500 Futures Dec 27, 2022 9:04AM ET
8 am crooks are back
Lightspeed Commerce Nov 29, 2022 3:49PM ET
Better get in before we break out to 24-25 level.
BTC/USD Nov 20, 2022 7:15PM ET
We will be seeing crypto to 0$, fraud + corruption + greed.
Algonquin Power Nov 18, 2022 3:37PM ET
Even if they cut on dividend and it hits 15$ I will be happy. If it goes down to 5$ the dividend will be higher.
Algonquin Power Nov 17, 2022 3:40PM ET
Easy buy, thanks for the cheapies.
BTC/USD Nov 13, 2022 11:38AM ET
Below 10k is a buy
Shopify Inc Nov 11, 2022 2:27PM ET
Speechless, I took profits and it's not stoppping.
Dow Jones Futures Nov 07, 2022 7:47AM ET
xmas coming time to buy! after xmas
S&P 500 Futures Aug 22, 2022 6:21AM ET
They sure love to bash the futures since last week before we wake up and ensure that market crashes.
Nasdaq Aug 18, 2022 9:35AM ET
more BS
Nasdaq Aug 17, 2022 2:32PM ET
Fed meeting
Magic Empire Global Aug 09, 2022 8:01PM ET
I bought 12.30$ before close! Big ride upcoming.
Gold Aug 08, 2022 2:42PM ET
1810 coming
Gold Aug 05, 2022 8:39AM ET
exactly all the communism countries
Gold Aug 05, 2022 8:01AM ET
WW3 - UN vs Chna/Russia
Gold Aug 05, 2022 6:58AM ET
might drop 1790 before revwersal
Gold Aug 04, 2022 10:39AM ET
sorry a support level!
Gold Aug 04, 2022 10:39AM ET
it's about to break free, with a new resistance 1800$
Gold Aug 02, 2022 8:35AM ET
2.2K gold before Xmas
Gold Jul 24, 2022 7:06PM ET
So sad that this site is full of spam bots and they don't do nothing about it. Used to like to chat here , not anymore...
Gold Jul 21, 2022 3:57PM ET
Next leg up
Gold Jul 20, 2022 4:46PM ET
Just took some Viagra, it will go up slowly.
Gold Jul 14, 2022 9:51AM ET
everything recovering , time to get in
Gold Jul 14, 2022 9:28AM ET
get ready for blast off