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Truja Sanguinaria

Joined: 14/08/18

Comments by Truja Sanguinaria
Tesla Oct 19, 2022 4:20PM ET
already rebounding, god forbid it goes down, lmao what a scam
Tesla Oct 19, 2022 4:18PM ET
wait till the earnings call, a ***from Elon will spin it to +30% overnight
Tesla Oct 19, 2022 4:08PM ET
dont matter, its a rigged stock that only goes up, theyll fins the way to spin it to positive
Tesla Oct 19, 2022 4:07PM ET
told you it would go up regardless of the results. such a scam stock Oct 19, 2022 3:35PM ET
what a scam
Exela Tech Oct 19, 2022 3:34PM ET
Mother of all scams
Tesla Oct 19, 2022 3:22PM ET
oh dont worry, earnings could be dog ****and this would still rally 70% in a day. Its a rigged stock, like apple Oct 19, 2022 1:58PM ET
Scamazon Oct 19, 2022 10:17AM ET
what a scam of a stock jesus christ, moves like a penny stock on roids
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 19, 2022 7:43AM ET
crash more, useless *** scam, earnings were too good I guess
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 18, 2022 11:26AM ET
what a scam
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 18, 2022 11:05AM ET
All the ***** day crashing till it goes red
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 18, 2022 10:02AM ET
down goes the useless scam
Palantir Oct 18, 2022 9:52AM ET
Scamantir Turdologies 🗑️
Cardano Oct 17, 2022 7:11PM ET
Scam *** Oct 14, 2022 10:02AM ET
of course, this *** scam doesnt go up when nasdaq rallies but its the first to rugpull
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 14, 2022 9:49AM ET
here goes the useless scam market robbing us again Oct 13, 2022 3:18PM ET
GOD FORBID IT ****** GOES UP LIKE THE ***** REST OF THE ***** MARKET Oct 13, 2022 1:29PM ET
useless scam still red when crapple thats still 2x from precovid is rallying every day
Apple Oct 13, 2022 1:27PM ET
as always, the only one that doesnt have to recover is the only one that recovers. still 2x from precovid. useless scam market
Tesla Oct 12, 2022 2:19PM ET
keep pumping the scam up day after day
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 12, 2022 9:11AM ET
here goes the useless scam again
Tesla Oct 11, 2022 4:22PM ET
how is this *******still 600% up from precovid levels?
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 11, 2022 2:46PM ET
crash more, useless scam
Cardano Oct 10, 2022 8:22PM ET
what a scam