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Truja Sanguinaria

Joined: 14/08/18

Comments by Truja Sanguinaria
Nasdaq 100 Futures Nov 10, 2022 8:02AM ET
123k today imo
Palantir Nov 09, 2022 9:39AM ET
Down goes again this piece of utter gabage. Nonstop rugpull for more than towo years.
Bitcoin Nov 08, 2022 1:29PM ET
What a scam jesus
Nasdaq 100 Futures Nov 08, 2022 10:05AM ET
Pump and dump every hour
Palantir Nov 08, 2022 9:31AM ET
Down goes the scam again, infinite dumping
BNB Nov 07, 2022 8:33AM ET
Pump and dump scam
Palantir Nov 07, 2022 7:36AM ET
Down goes the useless scam, god forbid it ever goes up
Palantir Nov 07, 2022 7:03AM ET
more like -30%
Palantir Nov 04, 2022 4:06PM ET
Dont doubt for a single moment this useless *****in scam will be -20% to -40% down on monday
Block Nov 03, 2022 4:21PM ET
wow, back to where we were two days ago, so excited. What a useless scam market.
Cardano Nov 02, 2022 7:24AM ET
Down goes the useless scam Nov 01, 2022 2:53PM ET
What a gigantic pile of trash. What a scam.. Nov 01, 2022 12:51PM ET
What a useless *****in scam of a stock
Meta Platforms Oct 31, 2022 10:45AM ET
what a useless scam
Palantir Oct 31, 2022 9:31AM ET
Scamantir Turdologies 💩
Apple Oct 28, 2022 10:36AM ET
1% growth, cooked books, and no guidance, but rallies another 7%. Bubble ponzi keeps inflating.
Apple Oct 28, 2022 10:18AM ET
Jesus what a ponzi
Apple Oct 28, 2022 8:14AM ET
what a ponzi
Meta Platforms Oct 26, 2022 7:10PM ET
what a scam Oct 26, 2022 4:31AM ET
what a useless ***lNG scam. doesnt go up on a big rally buy it surely dumps 4% for NOTHING
Tesla Oct 25, 2022 11:17AM ET
already erased all earnings losses. rigged stock that only goes up.
Tesla Oct 25, 2022 10:23AM ET
god forbid it goes down
Palantir Oct 24, 2022 11:57AM ET
will dump this scamo when I break even, maybe 50 years into the future
Palantir Oct 24, 2022 10:32AM ET
what a scam
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 24, 2022 10:31AM ET
down goes the useless scam