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Salvatore Grimaldi

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Comments by Salvatore Grimaldi
US Coffee C Jan 06, 2023 4:05AM ET
Yes they are doing that, also brazil is using much robusta for domestic use instead arabica.
US Coffee C Jan 05, 2023 1:45AM ET
Just fir record; today ice stock +pending 1039k respect yesterday reduction of -18k. ( collect & failing)
US Coffee C Jan 04, 2023 2:37PM ET
cecafe december export updated to 3M
US Coffee C Jan 04, 2023 2:33PM ET
Today ice coffe reported a very high failure rate, but the news it is that somebody collect more than 5k bags.
US Coffee C Jan 03, 2023 2:53PM ET
2.86 correct final number
US Coffee C Jan 03, 2023 1:43PM ET
See cecafe report, that is what has been reported!!! No fake but go to cecafe website and you will see that.
US Coffee C Dec 31, 2022 2:07AM ET
December 2021 was 3.9M certified and shipments
US Coffee C Dec 30, 2022 8:16AM ET
Lab coffee... you mean chemical produced.... i hope to never see that
US Coffee C Dec 29, 2022 2:07PM ET
in reality it is not me that say that, if you read every report from different sources (usda, conab, rabo ecc) you can verify that. for your info instead there is no evidence up today
US Coffee C Dec 29, 2022 1:08PM ET
Ahhhh.... in realty the consumption if coffee is increasing year by year in last 20 years. and wich are the other drinks? thanks fir the useful info
US Coffee C Dec 29, 2022 8:34AM ET
Usually Cheers to new year!!!!
US Coffee C Dec 29, 2022 7:27AM ET
I can write the same also with 3 and 4 for more optimistics!!!:)
US Coffee C Dec 29, 2022 7:16AM ET
kc shall be around 2 usc realistically. Everthing lower is pure speculation!!! Easy:)
US Coffee C Dec 28, 2022 9:25AM ET
He was comparing to december 2021 that export was 3.9 M. Today certified is around 2.8 M. So more or less he is right if is not 1 M will be around 800k. And that is a fact, about stock hidden in brazil everthing is possible, a friend of mine saw a donkey flying!!!
US Coffee C Dec 22, 2022 1:58PM ET
Today we got the highest failing rate on ICE 10.8k failing on 14 k total bags (77% failing rate)
US Coffee C Dec 21, 2022 2:22AM ET
In reality USDA decrease their own estimate of june of around 2 M and increase consumption of around 1M.
US Coffee C Dec 17, 2022 3:03AM ET
So there is a start of short covering from not commercial, to be cecked if confirmed next week, there is a confirmation of coffee deficit in 2022 and some worries on future crop, there is a slow down of december export ( ti be checked at end of the month) and an increase of stocks( Ice &GCA).
US Coffee C Dec 17, 2022 2:57AM ET
ICE stock:+11k , failing 5 k
US Coffee C Dec 17, 2022 2:55AM ET
Cecafe exports up today: certification: -12%, shipment: -26%
US Coffee C Dec 17, 2022 2:50AM ET
Some update on coffee:COT Report non commercial start buy again: +5k long position
US Coffee C Dec 14, 2022 11:12AM ET
US Coffee C Dec 14, 2022 11:01AM ET
So explain why is not going further down considering all these information?
US Coffee C Dec 14, 2022 10:56AM ET
Mgom due to the fact that you are short, for you everthing is bearish.....
US Coffee C Dec 13, 2022 3:31PM ET
Ice +12k failing 6k
US Coffee C Dec 13, 2022 3:29PM ET
Cecafe export at 13/12. : certification -9%, shipment -24%