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Kevin Shaughnessy

Joined: 18/12/17

Comments by Kevin Shaughnessy
Relentless Energy Surge Prompts EU Governments to Step In Sep 14, 2021 7:21AM ET
Feckless leadership bowing to the marxists cloaked in green will drive the world into a depression
Natural Gas Sep 09, 2021 4:08PM ET
But from what level?
Natural Gas Sep 08, 2021 10:42AM ET
In kold 10.50 for a flip
SmileDirectClub Aug 18, 2021 1:37PM ET
Short interest above 30%
SmileDirectClub Aug 09, 2021 2:51PM ET
Pisitioned modestly, options for higher. Management has been a serial dissapointer. If they surprise , IF, the oversized short position could get it going
SmileDirectClub Aug 06, 2021 3:28PM ET
Earnings post close Monday… shares bumping along near post March ‘20. Recovery lows…zero confidence reglected in price and high short interest… we’ll see
SmileDirectClub Aug 03, 2021 4:08PM ET
Shares cnt gain traction… shorts… 30% of the float continue to win… somebody or somebodies were in a hurry to get out today. Earnings Monday Aug 9th
U.S. 30Y Aug 02, 2021 2:06PM ET
Bought TBTaug 20 17 and 17.50 calls today. 30 yr auction tomorrow… yield to low
U.S. 10Y Aug 02, 2021 12:54PM ET
30 yr auction tomorrow?
U.S. 10Y Aug 02, 2021 12:48PM ET
Buying tbt calls… distorted … beginning of te month
More countries hike climate pledges, piling pressure on major emitters Jul 31, 2021 10:21AM ET
Nat Gas accounts for all of the US gains
Ethereum Jul 30, 2021 5:19AM ET
Sell and repent… but sell
Didi Global Jul 25, 2021 9:38AM ET
NYSE’s only recourse is delisting. The list of US ipo underwrighters are at risk. If delisted, underwtiters scatter and Chins lustings are done.
Didi Global Jul 25, 2021 9:35AM ET
SmileDirectClub Jul 16, 2021 3:14PM ET
6.74… getting back in
Ethereum Jul 05, 2021 9:30AM ET
Blow back from massive ransomware attack...
Bitcoin Jul 01, 2021 3:51AM ET
End of quarter strength over ... see you at 15k
Bitcoin Jun 27, 2021 9:57AM ET
Great Britain/ Binance
Bitcoin Jun 20, 2021 9:16AM ET
Bull trap
Ethereum Jun 20, 2021 8:22AM ET
Margin calls will be extreme on the break below 2k....
Ethereum Jun 20, 2021 7:47AM ET
Sell and repent, but sell
Bitcoin Jun 16, 2021 8:37AM ET
Bull trap
G7 rivals China with grand infrastructure plan Jun 12, 2021 10:43AM ET
Debtor Nations taking on more debt to fund dubious schemes laced with corruption... failure
Ethereum Jun 08, 2021 6:08AM ET