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Drake Rostemi

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Comments by Drake Rostemi
Powell Scoffs at Recession Talk and Stock Market Cacophony Is Quieted Mar 17, 2022 10:52AM ET
And someone else out there would disagree with all of that. The point is opinions are just that. they are opinions. , Someone is going to get it right by fluke,  and that is because the economy can only go a few ways, My prediction is, the fed chair can act fast if he needs to steer the economy the right way like he did in 2018 when he increased interest rates and lowered the interest rates by mid-2019 and we had a soft landing, not recession.
PayPal Holdings Inc Feb 02, 2022 12:12PM ET
I don't own this stock at all. I agree that a lot of stocks are over valued but you are missing the point. If the guidance were not bad and Paypal had exceeded the expected EPS and revenue, the stock would have traded up, overvalued or not. So being overvalued would have been overlooked for return of the future growth. Conclusio, this stock drops for the aforementioned reasons, but not limited to those reasons. I am no 20 year old to be dared to buy a stock by the way or sell it. I go for companies that can deliver growth in every season, like Apple, Tesla and Google. Cheers
PayPal Holdings Inc Feb 02, 2022 11:34AM ET
The drops in stocks when the miss EPS or lower the guidance are more pronouned vs 5 years ago.. There are two exlpainations: 1. Algorithm, which is based on either keywords like, "Miss", "Below" or whatever and the preprogrammed the computer starts selling at a fast rate. And that happens, it creates a bigger fear into the minds of traders. That is the number 2. Traders hit the stock harder with selling pressures. Remember, that the same people who make you sell, they coould be buying it back at a lower prices. Food For thought.
Tesla Jan 31, 2022 11:29AM ET
Right on, have a vision about the next 5 years and see how Tesal fits into that vision.Tesla is, has been, will be the leader in EV, no matter how many other EV are in the picture. Take a drive to Vancouver BC, Canada, Or Washington State and you will see. There are Teslas everywhere. I even saw Teslas in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where I am staying. This is the begining of swithing to EV around the world. And Tesla is the Coke of the drinks, the Tide of detergents, need I to say more. I am a net buyer of Tesla.
Sea Jan 28, 2022 11:30AM ET
You do, when markets correct, the comapnies with too much leverage and haven't had positive EPS suffer the most. It is your money,that is up to you. SE is on of those companies..
Sea Jan 28, 2022 10:25AM ET
I wouldn't touch this stock with a10 foot pole, I wouldn't buy it.
Sea Jan 27, 2022 11:40AM ET
I am ngot going to advise to sell or buy - but I do know this that when the economy faces challanges like inflation, recession, and so forth -stocks that are highly leveraged will have a ard time to recover. Furthermore, companies that are consumer dependend like Sea Limited lose ground once the customers are gone. The question is now, how is Sea linited doing vs its peers, does it have enough cash to grow, or do they have to borrow, or issue more stocks? Are they expanding their customer base and are the customers speding more using Sea Ltd website? Personally, I don't think this company's stock price should be higher that BABA. Good luck
Upstart Jan 25, 2022 10:34AM ET
I bough more at $76 and see you on the way up for Upstart.
PDD Holdings DRC Jan 19, 2022 11:38AM ET
Just and observation: in a market that has been on a downtrend since Oct 2021, some Chinese ADRs,(Stocks) have been outperforming the market and yet no news mentions of that. Food for thought
Sea Jan 14, 2022 12:28PM ET
Just becasue a stock is down, it does not make it a good buy. This stock went up too fast becasue many traders were factoring in future growth due to lock-downs, people shopping pnline, stay home subscribe to online games adn etc.. Now the reality is different and that is: Earnings, sustaining profitibality, cash flow, increasing revenue andt etcc.. If one or all of these are negative and continue to be negative, then that will reflect in the stock price - not to mention the sentiment of the general market. For the best 4 quarters it has exceeded revenue but missing on EPS, so you need to find out why they missed on earnings, 7 quateres out of 8 quarters. Conclusion,
Sea Jan 13, 2022 2:07PM ET
Under $100 by July, you will see.
Sea Dec 22, 2021 12:58PM ET
Learn a lesson from other E-commerces and related stocks which rocketed during 2020 when everyone was home and now they are all time low $MELI , $LSPD, $W ,$OSTK and many more.
Tesla Dec 21, 2021 10:40AM ET
$350 less than ATH in few weeks, seriously?
Sea Dec 21, 2021 10:38AM ET
Alibaba's revenue 2021 $109.4 B VS SE revenue 2021 $2.7B. BABA is in latin Americe, Middle East and not to mention Asia. The price of SE is reflection of many people like yourself whom thiks this stock is worth this much which is not the true value. When we have an economic slow down, stocks such as SE will return back to their real value. So, no I am not kidding.
Sea Dec 16, 2021 3:07PM ET
Sea cannot be more valueable than Alibba or Bidu. This stock went up too much too fast without showing any real profit. The true value of this stock will show when themarket has come back to earth. I am thinking around $25.
Lucid Group Nov 02, 2021 1:19PM ET
This stock might go lower only if the earnings are bad on Nov 15. Also, the pull bak today is more than you would expect in terms of percentage.
Apple Oct 26, 2021 12:46PM ET
Let's talk about the big elephant in the room. One of the top underperformer stock after the slplit. NVDA, TSLA are doing amazing after the stock split. So disappointed, great company but no so good stock anymore. The market has been ignoring this amazing company. Why?
Up Fintech Sep 10, 2021 11:19AM ET
Today reported revenues of US$60.2 million for the second quarter ended June 30, 2021 compared to revenue of US$30.3 million in the second quarter of 2020. Notably, more than 60% of the Company's newly funded accounts were derived from international markets in the quarter.
PDD Holdings DRC Sep 01, 2021 12:17PM ET
Oversold is a technical analysis and it is determniend using RSI, Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a measurement used by traders to assess the price momentum of a stock or other security. ... The RSI plots this result on a scale of 0 to 100. Readings below 30 generally indicate that the stock is oversold, while readings above 70 indicate that it is overbought.
Apple Aug 30, 2021 1:51PM ET
I have been averaging down - and averaging up on this stock, long-term baby.
Apple Aug 13, 2021 6:14PM ET
once it breaks the $150, it will hit another new high as the $150 will be the new support
Baidu Aug 13, 2021 6:11PM ET
Bought 45 more, it just make sense.
Robinhood Markets Jul 29, 2021 3:52PM ET
Regardless of how we feel about HOOD, it is a business model that will generate profit from registered users using its platform. I am in Canada and I can not use Robinhood app, banks don't allow it -but I am guess most of you in US use Robinhood for your trading adn if you are think about why you are not paying any fee for palcing trades. Where does the profit come from? They are obviuosly making money and that comes out of your pocket indirectyly. There is no such a thing as free lunch.
Baidu Jul 27, 2021 3:24PM ET
Does anyone know why they keep selling BIDU? This is like playing Peek_A-Boo with kids every day. React to the same news, fear and etc. Peek-A-Booh.
China Stocks in U.S. Erase $740 Billion as Crackdown Deepens Jul 26, 2021 5:47PM ET
Recycled news, extracted from various news outlets - we know and thanks captain obvious. Guess what? Bidu is down, just kidding.