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Julio Bando

Joined: 11/11/17

Comments by Julio Bando
LTC/USD Feb 14, 2018 7:28AM ET
Thx Loki... I really don't know this thing so much. I am trying to figure it out why it is pump
LTC/USD Feb 14, 2018 6:21AM ET
Maybe it should be the money flowing from BTC to LTC as dark web started using it as main crypto... But who knows. Crypto is so crazy
LTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 10:53PM ET
it should be amazing *_*
LTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 10:33PM ET
it is going on a roller coaster movement
LTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 10:05PM ET
r u sure?
LTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 9:48PM ET next target 185 in some minutes next target 185 in some minutes
BTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 9:42PM ET
LTC just break 180
LTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 9:41PM ET
180 on the way
LTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 9:22PM ET
 why he thinks so? why he thinks so?
LTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 9:06PM ET
hope it breaks 180 now! :D
LTC/USD Feb 13, 2018 9:01PM ET
it is going to break it again... I was wrong on the weekend... so I reentered a little bit late
LTC/USD Feb 11, 2018 12:00AM ET
once again it will drop during 2-3 days then up... and it still has a bad performance on the last 30 days.
LTC/USD Jan 16, 2018 6:47AM ET
LTC/USD Dec 30, 2017 1:05PM ET
I think it's done for today. Now it started the reversal move
LTC/USD Dec 30, 2017 1:03PM ET
Me too, something as big as Amazon or Alibaba accepting LTC should be awesome! My feeling... Charlie will come with the big surprise near the last minutes of the year.
LTC/USD Dec 30, 2017 12:17PM ET
I think that LTC price will go up with the spread of BTCPay and Open Bazar news and probably other partnerships that LTC team are working on. HODL
LTC/USD Dec 07, 2017 11:38AM ET
Do you think will it go up again and pass 100?
LTC/BRL Nov 25, 2017 11:47AM ET
Almost there!
LTC/BRL Nov 17, 2017 7:03AM ET
300 BRL until the end of the year