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Comments by LEO KISLEV
Silver Dec 01, 2021 2:11PM ET
Buy when others are fearful...
Gold Nov 30, 2021 10:05AM ET
The B34rt4rds are confused
Gold Nov 28, 2021 9:41PM ET
Get some lube asap bears, the b1g green d1 // cl< candles are coming
Gold Nov 28, 2021 12:09PM ET
Buy the dip f // 4 // gg // 0t. -Warren Buffett
Silver Nov 26, 2021 11:50PM ET
Market over-reacted, if anything this new variant of Mu-Covid will trigger the next bull rally for Gold and Silver.
Silver Nov 26, 2021 11:49PM ET
22 got rejected quicky, Its heading back to 25+ next week, mark my words
Crude Oil WTI Nov 26, 2021 11:31AM ET
Abandon ship
Silver Nov 26, 2021 11:21AM ET
Silver Nov 26, 2021 11:16AM ET
Adding more physical and paper buys, ez pz
Silver Nov 26, 2021 10:11AM ET
Just buy this heavenly dip, be greedy when others are fearful, time to f//k some b3a4rt4rds
Silver Nov 18, 2021 11:53AM ET
Silver Heading to 29 ***** 30 *****levels EOY
Silver Nov 10, 2021 9:17AM ET
LMAO Poor Beart4rds
Gold Nov 10, 2021 9:17AM ET
LMAO Poor Beart4rds
Gold Nov 10, 2021 8:34AM ET
Get F. K . d Bears
Gold Nov 07, 2021 5:42PM ET
Those beart4rds better get the lube ready, b1g green d1 c l< candles coming
Gold Nov 07, 2021 5:41PM ET
Gap Up Already!
Gold Nov 05, 2021 9:34AM ET
Hows that b1g green d 1 c l < candle bears? lol
SHIBA INU Nov 04, 2021 11:53AM ET
Buy orders ready at 0.00002X
SHIBA INU Nov 04, 2021 10:17AM ET
Buy orders at 0.00002X
Gold Nov 03, 2021 2:33PM ET
Powell says go all in on Gold & Silver!
Silver Nov 02, 2021 10:42AM ET
JPMorgan can kiss my @./ $. / $., added more leveraged longs
Silver Nov 02, 2021 9:59AM ET
Load Up! Max Leverage!
SHIB/USD Nov 01, 2021 7:37PM ET
CateCoin! OMFG! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌙
SHIBA INU Nov 01, 2021 6:46PM ET
Gold Nov 01, 2021 8:25AM ET
Not yet