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George Davis

Joined: 16/06/17

Comments by George Davis
Nucor Apr 21, 2021 3:04PM ET
Barclays Stick to Their Hold Rating for Chewy Apr 01, 2021 11:49AM ET
How does an analyst write a report making an expectation a day after the earnings? Btw, Chewy turned an unexpected profit this quarter :)
Spending Data, Buffett's Texas Gambit, WeWork SPAC Deal - What's up in Markets Mar 26, 2021 9:02AM ET
"Like a pig through a python" - got a laugh out of that one
GRT/USD Mar 19, 2021 11:31AM ET
NO way this gets to $30, hope for $5
Global Oil Demand Won’t Hit Pre-Virus Level Until 2023, IEA Says Mar 17, 2021 8:55AM ET
Take this with a grain of salt. When the world comes back online later this year, there is going to be an explosion of demand as people come back. It's coming!
Palantir Feb 26, 2021 10:18AM ET
You learned your first great lesson of trading, Elon Kush. Always do your research before buying anything, and if you want to know the truth of it, not even the professionals really know what they're doing.
GRT/USD Feb 16, 2021 3:14PM ET
Retrace into the $1.60s again? $2.00 seems to be the lower support
GRT/USD Feb 11, 2021 1:30PM ET
Penn National Gaming Feb 04, 2021 10:16AM ET
PENN misses expectations by 67% and the stock goes up 4%?
Robinhood pauses instant buying of crypto currencies amid volatility Jan 29, 2021 10:49AM ET
Talk about liquidity issues hahaha
U.S. SEC will review actions inhibiting trading of some securities Jan 29, 2021 10:44AM ET
It's funny Robinhood is getting all the flack here. Schwab, E-trade, and IBKR all stopped buying the same securities.
Chewy Jan 15, 2021 12:32PM ET
@Chris vdbd - If you believe stocks only go up then you should keep buying.
Chewy Jan 14, 2021 9:17AM ET
You're at the top if you're buying right now. Let this RSI come back down to the mid 50s again and pick up shares. This is good company with great financials, just don't buy at the 52 weeks highs.
Chewy Oct 01, 2020 11:42AM ET
And our amateur hour commentaries are wrong again
Merrill Lynch Stick to Their Buy Rating for PepsiCo Oct 01, 2020 11:41AM ET
Wrong Chewy guys...
MercadoLibre Aug 10, 2020 8:43AM ET
To the moon
MercadoLibre Aug 07, 2020 9:20AM ET
@SharkBlack this one is going to crush earnings. Buy!
Chewy Aug 04, 2020 10:44AM ET
anybody know why this popped?
Canopy Growth Jun 23, 2020 10:29AM ET
Any reason for the pump today?
Is Microsoft Still A Buy Or Did You Miss The Boat? Jun 19, 2020 9:55AM ET
Agreed, Stefano!
Canopy Growth May 29, 2020 9:30AM ET
This hurt if you're a short-term trader, but for me, in the long-term, I'm buying right now
A Major Crack In The Stock Market May Be Exposed Next Week Apr 24, 2020 8:59AM ET
Tell me who thinks Amazon is going to miss expectations this quarter... I'll wait.
Delta Air Lines Apr 02, 2020 4:09PM ET
@Jamie King - Yes, it certainly could go below, we haven't seen the earnings numbers to know how bad this truly is for Delta. But what if it doesn't? I'm certainly not a professional, but make an entry point buy, maybe 3 or 4% of your buying power. The price of this stock is already as of today at a 50% discount of what it was trading at just 6 weeks ago. Delta's business model hasn't changed. People will go back to normal traveling after this event. Then watch the stock go back up. Easy money. Just have to ride the wave lol.
Delta Air Lines Apr 02, 2020 1:47PM ET
I for one, am a buyer. All the way down!!
Delta Air Lines Apr 02, 2020 1:46PM ET
People, buying this stock is obviously a long play here. Whether you're buying here or later, it's still a good entry point. Nobody knows how far this thing is going down, but if you're buying for a 2-3 year hold, then buy regardless. If you are trying to time the market. It won't happen.