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gary leibowitz

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U.S. judge says some Trump records should be turned over to House panel Aug 11, 2021 1:33PM ET
After 5 years of the most ruthless dictator on our shores doing the most blatant actions to dismantle our republic does any of this matter?  Extorting a nation, siding with Putin over our own government, coup attempt using DOJ and GOP, self proclaimed ********magnet, most incompetent leader in history and a 2 party system that actually thinks their party dominance is everything. We as a nation is already dead but rigor mortis hasn't set in.
Consumer Prices in U.S. Increase at a More Moderate Pace Aug 11, 2021 9:25AM ET
Wait till post summer expansion from manditory vaccinations. Party time.
The Dollar Is Losing Ground, Fuelling The Oil And Gold Rally Jul 06, 2021 11:26AM ET
We see what we want. Called extreme bias in extreme euphoric times. Economists and stock brokers still can't explain away 1929 surprise drop. The dollar is the ONLY thing holding OIL back. if it surges as i expect it might hold back OIL from achieving 90 dollars a barrel but most likely both will come true. A double whammy on US profits.
Nasdaq Jun 22, 2021 12:26PM ET
Buffet oil lumber copper dollar gamestop bitcoin transitory and of couse 40 years of deflation says 40 more? Jolt report anyone? Tulip prices higher than car purchase. Waiting for higher than a gouse.
What A Welcome U.S. Equity Market Pullback! Fading Emotion Jun 21, 2021 11:19AM ET
Foolish old man Buffet and his silly indicators. Record setting ones at that. 40 year Pavlovian response to deflation must mean inflation is dead forever. the HERD mentality. SP500 at a 45 P/E seems normal to me. what could possibly go wrong? Debt, well that's proven not to matter since it is exponentially higher from where we started worrying. The dollar will stave us in the nick of time. It will rise and drop commodity pries. problem solved. We are going to look back at this era and try to comprehend the self induced fog. Our political system is already dead but no one awake yet to see it.  Game Stop anyone?  Bitcoin? Reddit the boiler room promoter has more clout than Goldman Sacks. YUP we are close to IMPLOSION!
Wall Street ends sharply higher, led by surging Dow Jun 21, 2021 10:21AM ET
FED induced?  You mean like the one months ago explaining the inflation we are about to see is only transitory?  Funny how they steer the masses to ignore inflation and when it seems they were wrong they try to change course. Not a good ending to this.
Amid Talk of a Supercycle, Some Commodities Wipe Out 2021 Gains Jun 17, 2021 6:42PM ET
Commodities are the next BITCOIN. Reaching absurd prices and fast. decade long? NOPE!  World economies will be in a depression before then. Buffets 7 indicators all at record highs. Insane political environment we got used to is the same with economic actions. 40 year deflation about to be reversed in a shocking way.  Anyone wonder why Tulip prices were as high as buying a home? Why we have today the politburo (GOP) defending a dictator that still believes he is in control? The SS (DOJ) protected at all costs their leader but failed to go all the way in disarming the constitution. next time they will try harder.  America home of the greedy selfish hedonistic wanting to reverse course to a time when White Men controlled the world. As shocking as the last 5 years politically we are in the same situation economically.  Drugged on deflation folly.  Debt no longer mentioned with economists. Like the Jew in 1939 ignoring what was about to happen to them.
WATCH LIVE: Fed Chair Jerome Powell Holds Press Conference Jun 16, 2021 3:35PM ET
Inflation pressure seen right before pandemic. now with stimulus packages, extremely low rates, 12 month cash hording, pandemic shutdown just being reopened in US we still have EU and rest of world catching up. NOW we have crazy housing market, used cars,  insane risk taking, sanguine concerns and extrema complacency.  Buffets indicators are ALL OFF THE CHARTS!  I see big bubbles get bigger and bigger. the FED will be way behind the curve trying to please wall street as commodity prices spike to never before seen heights. I use common sense something that has always been ignored. crash is not the issue. After after is. Depression and long winter next. When?  Guess.  the longer we stay on upside course the worse the outcome.
Nasdaq 100 Futures Jun 14, 2021 1:51PM ET
Last day up and a long slip slide with disbelief along the way. Buffet indicators PE ratio commodity spuke home prices usedcars bitcoin game stopand tulios the price of anexpensive car. Will it get to an expensive gouse?
Nasdaq Jun 14, 2021 11:37AM ET
4 month wedge pattern hitting upper range right now! A breakout has to be decisive or we drop like a stone soon. Oil, JOLTS, disposable income, risky bets, housing, used cars, Game Stop, Bitcoin tells me the 92 year channel starting in 1929 has once again HIT upper range. last seen in 2000. hello, anyone home?  new Paradigm Indeed!  Tulip now priced against expensive car. Waiting for it to equal expensive home.
Stocks rally, yields drop as U.S. CPI data calms investors Jun 11, 2021 2:43PM ET
Like early pandemic brokerage firms telling everyone the market ignored it for a reason. Bond market controlled by FED and if they say the emperor has no cloths you better believe it. Commodities are ALREAY thru the roof. The correction off a huge run is not a sign that everything is "normal". Housing, used cars are at INSANE frenzy. China CPI went from zero to 9% in 5 months. JOLT with 9 million jobs begging to be filled. Silly market, silly mass psychology.  Like Jews believing ********was a fade.  Rude awakening ahead.
The Stock Market May Have Bigger Things To Worry About Than Inflation Jun 11, 2021 12:28PM ET
Bias and distorted micro trend has resulted in a call that the dead calm weather isnt because we are in the eye of a storm. Commodity prices spiked to absurd levels. Now a correction is seen as disinflatioary? JOLT housing China CPI disposible income labor costs and an early post pandemic economy is supposded to question the likely path going forward? Insane. Bond prices are manipulated by the FED. Once the street realizes where we are headed the dollar and tilds will apike like commodities has. Up is not sown and inflation will be number one topic going forward.
U.S. Dollar Rally Fizzles As Non-Farm Payrolls Disappointment Jun 05, 2021 3:45PM ET
Just look  Buffet's Indicators. the man built on fortune on cold hard analysis. We have already broken every record in his 7 indicators. When the street sobers up is the only question, not what the end game will be.
U.S. Dollar Rally Fizzles As Non-Farm Payrolls Disappointment Jun 05, 2021 3:43PM ET
Major brokerage firms at start of pandemic discounted that also. I use common sense. Pent up demand, HUGE disposable income built up, and a HUGE number of jobs that can't find qualified people. Cost ad inflation rising at a fast pace and because the FED pre-announced this as a temporary problem doesn't make it so. The dollar, OIL, costs, inflation will surge from here as the world opens up.  Market momentum feeds on itself and dismisses the major warning signs. A CRASH will happen. Bitcoin, Game Stop, AMC are boiler room hype. Imagine Bitcoin falling on government promise to intervene. Shocker. Dark money is the ONLY attraction.  Tulips went for the price of a home and was JUSTIFIED!  Crash now or after another huge run up?
Shares of retail favorite AMC nearly double, company woos investors with free popcorn Jun 02, 2021 3:08PM ET
Bubble bubbles everywhere tickling ny nose.
A New Inflation Index For Monitoring Price Trends May 29, 2021 3:08PM ET
Common sense rarely comes into play with analyst in mapping out future trend. Bias based on personal profit always makes optimistic calls for staying invested in stocks. I was shocked that the start of pandemic all major analysts dismissed the chart from 1917 and a crash scenario.  Today we have the Buffett Indicators all at never before extremes and yet complacency over huge profits ahead outweighs all considerations like common sense. Deflation trend over 40 years produced a mentality not to be swayed. Pandemic constraints with gov subsidies have produced a huge force for spiking costs and inflation lasting years, not months.  From disposable income to commodity prices, home prices, inability of companies to find qualified workers. The post pandemic stage will take years to develop as USA is the leader in opening up. Sitting at record valuations and speculative bets reminiscent of Tulip mania begs the question why isn;t most analysts and investors mildly concerned.
Wall Street Opens Mostly Higher as Yellen Comments Still Weigh; Dow up 28 Pts May 05, 2021 10:08AM ET
WH demanding FED raise rates to prevent over heating when election time comes. Prior AG Barr just got spanked by the Federal Judge declaring he LIED about the DIOJ findings in Mueller report. Liz Cheney being slaughtered by her party for telling the truth. Buffett now says the market is not over valued despite his long standing indicators at extremes NEVER seen before. DOGECOIN a parody site has been endorsed by billionaires and valued in the billions.  BLM shows stark reality of discriminations from videos. States push back to restrict them from assembly and if they block traffic can be legally run over. Voter suppression out in open and Jim Crow laws of the 50's look tame in comparison. What a world!
Supply chain bottlenecks amid roaring demand slow U.S. manufacturing May 03, 2021 10:35AM ET
Goldilocks scenario unless costs rise much higher than anticipated and  real hardship in hiring produces higher wages. Even Buffett is dismissing his own indicators.
U.S. judge denies immediate release of Andrew Brown shooting video Apr 28, 2021 10:55AM ET
Dead nation with zombies cheering for the resurrections of TRUMP. Attempted coup and refusing to talk to his own VP for 5 days after he failed to kill him and the GOP endorsed TRUMPS actions. This nation is no different than Putin's dictatorial control. Only difference is we willingly accept it.  Jim Crow, 1950's a child thing compared to today. Just remember white folks, take your car for a joy ride and kill as many protestors as you want.  Make protesting a crime. Make sure the uppity black know their place. Jail anyone giving food or water on those 8 hour voting lines. I cringe when i list the atrocities of today as if we are a Banana Republic and the citizens only knew that life style.
Week Ahead: Inflation, Earnings Results Could Collide, Adding Volatility Apr 18, 2021 12:39PM ET
With the US economy exploding out of the pandemic Powell goes on 60 minutes and other TV programs to reiterate inflation is a temporary phenomena and he will allow this to run its course for 2 more years. That alone was the excuse needed to drop the dollar and treasury yields.  The 1929 so called mistake or raising rates was an excuse to correct a huge market bubble.  this time around the FED will close it's eyes and hope for the best. Either way the stock market knows what will hurt earnings and an over bloated asset class.  The crash is only a matter of a short time frame, within months is my best guess.  Russell 2000 has a P/E of 132. SP500 over 42 and RISING despite great earnings.  You will never see 20 P/E before the next crash.
U.S. Dollar – Why It Failed To Rally On Strong Retail Sales Apr 15, 2021 10:00PM ET
Reminds me of the "this time is different" argument in 1929. As for real actual inflation look no further than CPI repots over the last TWO months. Largest jump in how many years?  or the 6 plus GDP expected by everyone.  Ever wonder why Powell went on 60 minutes and then again on TV to assure this bloated helium filled bubble that HE will IGNORE such data for 2 years.  And he will!  But commodities will not!  POW!  So so close to a crash the likes of which have been recently seen but not believed for more than 3 to 6 moths. THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT!  Silly people. Once you start with the premise you have excuses why the data points were ignored RUN FOR THE HILLS!
Fed Can’t Keep U.S. Dollar Down Mar 18, 2021 8:34PM ET
DUH!  Expected surge in US economy, EU in lockdown and now surge in Philly Index. FED is trying hard to keep it down but market forces should win out.
Fed Sees Brighter Outlook, but Keeps Rates Steady; No Hike Through 2023 Mar 17, 2021 2:40PM ET
Speech ignoring current circumstance and pushing the dollar lower for now. Market forces will prevail and reverse the dollar much higher and yields higher. Setting up for a shock to the system. As expected though. FED can't do anything to rock the boat. Seem the tidal wave will do that for them.
Dow Stutters as Traders Continue to Sweat on Stimulus Progress Oct 21, 2020 8:13PM ET
BET the MAN, no fundamentals or technical.  Know the MAN TRUMP as i do.  Desperate trump will agree to 100 trillion if it gets him elected. the GOP Senate will never agree on 2 trillion, NEVER. You MUST assume no deal before election and AFTER!  WHY?  Assume the most optimistic results a sweep by Democrats. Trump is a vindictive man and will VETO and renege on his word. A shocker?
Republican Senator Perdue appears to mock Kamala Harris’ name at Trump rally Oct 17, 2020 1:34PM ET
Georgia home the modern day lynching's  Georgi a state that rightly so has decades of stereotypical association to the Good Ole Boys with single digit IQ, racist preaching, and inbreeding. .