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Joseph Accetturo

Joined: 20/12/16

Comments by Joseph Accetturo
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 08, 2021 9:09AM ET
market is on fumes up here
Nasdaq 100 Futures Oct 08, 2021 9:07AM ET
hahaha because they all maxed out their benefits and no longer count. they are still unemployed
Bonds Are Withering Oct 07, 2021 9:59PM ET
how is the debt limit Powell's fault?
Bitcoin Falls 11% In Selloff Sep 07, 2021 3:36PM ET
tell me the history or bank notes and state issued currency.... they all disappeared. #1 feds will catch on to how dangerous it is and outlaw it. #2 I'm sure governments will make their own. like in Rome when there was gold for the legion and tin money for the citizens.
Why Did Euro Escape Losses As Stocks Tumbled? Jul 19, 2021 8:28PM ET
this is temporary. the us dollar will continue to be crushed. a day of market action does not make a trend
Citizens Financial Group Inc Oct 22, 2020 10:53AM ET
citizens Bank exposure to commercial real estate loans are one of the highest in the industry. no way the dividends will remain
Jobless Claims, Standalone Bills and Airline Woes - What's up in Markets Oct 08, 2020 8:10AM ET
you mean pelosi right....he hasn't done any more damage than Obama. look at the numbers before covid. wealth gaps are created by money printing and bank bailouts. this started in 2009.
Republicans unveil coronavirus plan, slash emergency unemployment benefit Jul 27, 2020 7:47AM ET
dollar to get killed. this is the very definition of inflation. new money for free.
United Airlines Holdings Jul 20, 2020 11:40AM ET
next august
United Airlines Holdings Jul 14, 2020 10:15PM ET
literally no one is flying
United Airlines Holdings Jul 14, 2020 10:15PM ET
no idea how they're expected to beat estimates
United Airlines Holdings Jul 14, 2020 9:35PM ET
great opportunity to get short on the bounce over a vaccine that won't be out till 2021
Shopify Inc Jul 09, 2020 11:13PM ET
no you buy puts far out
Shopify Inc Jul 09, 2020 11:12PM ET
it's cheaper to sell directly on eBay, amazon directly etc.
Shopify Inc Jul 09, 2020 11:11PM ET
Shopify is going to get smoked once people realize you don't make money with a website alone. plus they lose money despite huge revenue growth.
United Airlines Holdings Jul 09, 2020 10:35PM ET
why?! Airlines are going to 0. I flew today. No one in airports no one on flights.
Tesla Jul 02, 2020 8:39AM ET
you guys are gonna take a's now worth more than Toyota the largest car manufacturer in the world. this won't end well.
Seen everywhere in last U.S. crisis, moral hazard is nowhere in this one Apr 13, 2020 7:19AM ET
What are you talking about This moral has it everywhere in this thing and everyone cares about it because they know big corporations are getting money and small corporations to get in the shaft. once again. in addition individuals are not going to get anywhere near what they need to cover the cost of staying home.
Dow, S&P 500 slide as focus shifts to earnings; Nasdaq gains Apr 13, 2020 7:04AM ET
no futures retreat because we hit 50% retracement.
Opening Bell: U.S. Futures, Global Stocks Tumble On Dire COVID-19 Warnings Apr 01, 2020 9:02AM ET
The pain is not priced in at all. I'm a CPA I deal with businesses trying to get loans none are available No applications are available They are all running out of cash because they have zero revenue and they are expected to keep their employees working in order to get loan forgiveness. This is not going to happen because they are taking too long to distribute the cash to businesses. People don't realize this is not just a blank check that's going out to them. they're stimulus check maximum is what their tax liability was. so if they only had $300 in tax liability they're only getting a $300 check. This was a corporate and bank bailout with some crumbs thrown at the population.
Opening Bell: U.S. Futures, Global Stocks Tumble On Dire COVID-19 Warnings Apr 01, 2020 8:59AM ET
or they hit a technical level and declined off of it which has really nothing to do with the news because of the market has not been trading on news since it started going down a month ago. it's been trading technically.
U.S. and China 'getting close' to trade deal: White House economic adviser Nov 15, 2019 5:21AM ET
it's not in our interest to do a deal and there won't be any pressure until stocks crash and the economy begins to fail.
S&P 500 Futures Nov 07, 2019 7:03AM ET
Trump would have tweeted if it were true
S&P 500 Futures Nov 07, 2019 7:03AM ET
Trump would have tweeted if it were true